A Record of John Wayne Gacy Jr. a Serial Killer

The question is: How could a guy considered by so various to be an

upstanding citizen actually come to be the murderer of 33 teenagers? To this

day, nobody really knows for certain. Within this paper I intend to

examine Gacyís life through the zoom lens of three mental theories in

order to provide some insight into a few of the elements that may of caused

Gacy to do something as he do. John Wayne Gacy Jr. was created on March 17,

1942 in Chicago Illinois to John and Marion Gacy. For the primary eleven

years of his existence, John Jr. attended an area catholic institution along with his

two sisters, Joanne and Karen. Gacy was regarded as by his teachers to

be an average student without outstanding qualities aside from the fact

that he tended to be compulsively neat (Linedecker, 1980). In high

school, Gacy didn't perform aswell academically. He ended up

attending four different high schools but he hardly ever completed his senior

year. This may of been as a result of abusive romantic relationship Gacy had with

his father. The entire Gacy