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Windshield Review and Reflection

Windshield Review and Representation

A windshield survey was conducted in the community of Staten Island, New york city to obtain a comprehensive assessment through visual findings within the environment of the community. There are many variants of the meaning of community one coming from the Community Health Organization defining community as " A group of people, typically living in a defined geographical area, who may well share one common culture, ideals and best practice rules, and are set up in a social structure relating to associations which the community has developed over a period of time” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, l. 397). Community health comes with the characteristics that promote great health with the population in the surrounding environment. Health goals are offered through the nursing process via assessment through evaluation and are directly measured through stats that include mortality rates, socio-economics, and demographics (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). The focus with the community like a client happens when rns are in the forefront of direct care in the private homes of patients, not really limiting to only hospital-based proper care. Nurses collaborate to improve affected person health simply by focusing proper care on a specific community inhabitants. Direct care is given to patients who also share prevalent illness widespread to their particular community. Partnerships are distributed to improve the complete quality of health inside the community and therefore are determined through assessing common problems and behaviors (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). Physical Data

Annadale is a area in the associated with Staten Isle, NY where I carried out a car windows survey inside the city of my own selected family members. Staten Tropical isle is one of the five boroughs of recent York Town (NYC) which is known as Richmond County. The United States Census Bureau is responsible for info collection and dissemination of statistics inside the New York City community. According to the 2012 census stats, this community consists of a inhabitants of 470, 728 folks (United Says Census Bureau, 2012). Housing and Space

The Staten Island community is a densely populated location having many condominium and apartment buildings and multi-family housing throughout the area. A majority of homes happen to be within close proximity to each other and have limited personal lawn space. Most of the designated space is consumed to fit the utmost number of residents having nominal open areas without entertained activity. Vehicles

Finding use of public transportation in Staten Area is easily accessible and thankful for the Metropolitan Transportation Power (MTA), which can be responsible for the business of New You are able to City Transit through the city's buses, subways, and the Staten Island Railway. This 14-mile commuter railroad is free of charge and drives back and forth for the Staten Tropical isle Ferry into Manhattan. Sociable Services

Staten Island offers three clinics, two with a level I trauma centre; one residing on the north shore and the other for the south shore of the tropical isle. There are extra health care treatment centers and a 24-hour urgicare center in addition to the numerous personal physician and dental office buildings. Two mental illness establishments are available for inpatient or outpatient care. Persons and Faith

Even though there is also a culturally diverse group of people on Staten Tropical isle, the German American human population is the most dominating in the community of Annadale. Based on the United States Census Bureau site (2012), in Richmond County there are seventy seven. 9% white colored, 11. 6% Black, 7. 9% Hard anodized cookware, and 10. 7% Hispanic who statistically are the best four cultures in this area (United States Census Bureau, 2012). The population includes a large percentage of Both roman Catholic and then to be the Judaism religion. The overall demeanor of people in this community is " on-the-go” and seems to be in a hurry, making them more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular accident. Conditions and Signs of Rot...

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