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 A Head to of Un Museo Del Barrio in Harlem, Ny Essay

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November almost eight, 2013

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My personal tour about El Pinacoteca Del Suburbio in Harlem, New York was a very remarkable visit and i also got in touch with my The spanish language ancestors. There were mix of positive and negative Spanish history but none the less a very experienced trip. 1 part of Mexican culture i feel are at the top worth addressing is the reign of Fidel Castro. To live under his rule need to of had been terrifying and a child years testimony than it is a comprehensive view of the dictatorship. The writer of a artwork whose identity is Bernardo Navarro Tomas. He made several paintings of fidel castro. The first one was obviously a picture of four images of fidel castro and he could be speaking through microphones. The next painting was a few collages of different cosmetic expressions of fidel while his grow older progressed. The final painting was fidel speaking through a microphone and miniature fidel figures walking around with roses by their mouth's, and subtitles all around stating " este coco te comere. ” This is also referred to as boogie guy will take in you. It can be was very obvious through global tradition that Castro was a great evil dictator, but the graphic portrayed of Castro proven in all his paintings is with his hairy beard and lit stogie. Also it is pointed out that in the many Tomas' art Castro's mouth area is always available and his oral cavity are unusually large and It is said by simply Tomas that is the fault of all the discussing and promozione use in Tanque. Two more paintings that we seen just how most of the Cubans felt about Castro was the three little collages of him as a pig in back of a brick wall, which is considered a farm who also in three different ways covers his oral cavity, ears, and eyes like a coward. The last painting was a film tape of Castro in a tense and nervous disposition and the subsequent scene was titled " Fin. ” I knew of Castro's guideline in emborrachar but I never recognized of the hate that people had for him. I as well seen how the artist, Tomas was using the opposite power of speaking in...