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Persons nowadays going through different changes in our environment. Among this is each of our weather. A lot of the times we all experience hotness in the heat. Everywhere you go feels like your usually hit by simply sun due to strong hotness coming from the sun. We won't be able to prevent getting expose for the sun because of our daily activities like going to the industry, school, business office, etc . And we all know so much exposure to the sun is can damage the human body and damaging to the skin, and skin is important because it can serves as a barrier to infection. To help the outer skin from the damaging rays of sun, sunshine block and lotion is needed. Sun block protects the outer skin against burning and cream helps our skin to be soft and re-hydrate. Nivea is famous for really being powerful in skincare product. We certainly have written a short introduction of NIVEA along with its background. And belonging to the best gel, it's cost is much costly than other company that's why only some can afford to acquire it. So our targets is to put lotion in sachet. In that case people will probably be convenient to carry it and can manage it.


Nivea is a Global skin and body care brand own by german company Beiersdorf. The organization began in 1911 once Beiersdorf created the water in oilВ emulsifier like a skin cream with eucerit. В BeiersdorfВ is one ofВ their internationally leading companies intended for skin care it is rather close to the consumer, offering them persuasive, innovative products. Beiersdorf delight in universal trust from NIVEA, one of the world's largest skin care brand, to other internationally successful brands such as Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello, 8X4, and Hansaplast/Elastoplast. With more than a hundred and twenty-five years experience in skincare and one of the world's most contemporary research centers, BeiersdorfВ stands intended for innovative and high-quality cosmetics. Nivea cream was first introduced in 1911, it has more than 14 different varieties of products coming from sun attention to facial moisturizers, deodorization deodorizer and shower products. В


The history of NIVEA is very interesting. The storyline began when ever Hamburg-based Pharmacologist Dr . Oskar Troplowitz mixed water and oils to a stable cream. This was attained through utilization of an emulsifier called Eucerit. In the same year, he introduced the name Nivea from the latin niveus-which means snow-white.

1911 was the yr NIVEA Cream was born. It owes its development for the product " Eucerit”. Following decades of research Doctor Isaac Lifschutz discovered this kind of revolutionary emulsifier, which meant that a product was now available that could combine an active substance, body fat and normal water to give a well balanced base pertaining to ointments. The highly innovative Dr . Oscar Troplowitz with the Beiersdof Company applied Eucerit, at first discovered intended for the medical field, as the camp for a completely new kind of plastic cream that is called NIVEA Cream.

Nivea had a simple slump in popularity in the 1920s and underwent a tremendous re-launch. The result was Nivea CrГЁme-which is actually the most popular deal with cream on the globe. Overall, the Nivea company currently contains 203 number one positions across its 54 country market.


A. Market Situation

* Nivea having 15% market share in the global skincare. * Nivea increased their particular double digit expansion rates every year. * Leadership status shown a superior financial performance, trust and dependability.

B. Competitive Situation

Nivea is one of the many leading manufacturer in our nation. Because competition products are problem targeted, in as opposed to Nivea, and give medicated solutions. This gives Nivea competitive advantage. Their concept provides a one of a kind bridge between teenage as well as the adult market. The company increased the product for making it more efficient and consumer-friendly. They analyzed their products on the sample group they selected from its target audience. Before finalizing the range intended for re-launch.

C. Macro environmental...

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