Argumentative Article on Young Pregnancy

Teenage motherhood is a major issue in the United States. Many people say that this really is society's problem. Although making love and getting pregnant is due to personal choices and decisions, there are many things culture could do to prevent this. Excessive teen pregnancy could be controlled with appropriate press, more easily available birth control, and individuals to set good examples for fresh women.

Only flipping through the channels on the Saturday afternoon you can see a number of inappropriate multimedia full of lovemaking suggestions. Actually aside from each of the sex moments in movies, there are displays SPECIFICALLY regarding teen pregnancy. Shows just like Teen Mommy and sixteen and Pregnant make being pregnant seem satisfactory and awesome. If having sex at fresh ages don't seem like the cool thing to do, many young adults wouldn't do it. Taking improper shows and movies off the atmosphere could make an improvement in the adolescent pregnancy charge.

There are many kinds of birth control. In a lot of fights about teen pregnancy there is certainly talk about producing condoms more readily available, although I think that other forms of birth control that are more regularly effective must be promoted rather. Condoms are important to use, most times they can break or be useless. Plus a few face that, in the heat with the moment lack of a condom doesn't keep sex coming from happening. Birth control pills are a cheaply produced, more effective form of birth control. If perhaps forms of contraception such as the supplement were cheaper and much easier to get, more teens will be protected and less would get pregnant.

The world generally is in need of great role versions. Anyone that tweens and teens look up to should really try to concentrate on setting an example. In a globe full of bad examples, their especially important setting good types for the group of people because developmental level. Teenagers require role models to protect these people from slipping victim to the pressures of today's society, especially the sexual ones.

In summary, I believe that...

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