Autistic Kids Essay

IIntroduction Passage

a. Hook: Autistic children have the world totally different to what would be the norm others.

w. Background Information:

my spouse and i. Can't work with words; can't communicate

2. Sounds and noises trouble them

c. Thesis Declaration:

We need to learn more about Autism thus we can handle it.

IIBody Paragraph

a. Paragraph 1 - Subject Sentence:

Autism affects around 1 atlanta divorce attorneys 150 children.

i. Promoting detail/example/explanation you:

1 . Autism affects young boys more than girls.

2 . Doctors can't identify exactly what causes Autism

a. Autism could possibly be genetic

m. Mind is definitely complicated to determine the cause of Autism

c. Doctors work with father and mother to find out in the event the symptoms will be Autism or not.

b. Paragraph a couple of - Theme Sentence:

To date, no treatment has been found for Autism.

i. Promoting detail/example/explanation a couple of:

1 . Doctors and Therapists work with Autistic chidden to help these groups communicate.

2 . Some Autistic children can grow to have other own.

a. That they learn indication language to communicate.

n. They find out Social Skills.

c. Small Autism may be managed.

IIIConcluding Paragraph

a. Restate/Summarize details:

1 . Autistic children act differently for the environment around them than other folks.

2 . A persons brain is therefore complicated that doctors are experiencing a hard time to obtain the cause.

several. Doctors and Therapists provide training and therapy courses for Autistic children.

some. There is no treatment for Autism

b. Advice/Suggestion:

1 . We need to read and learn more regarding Autism.

2 . There should be a large budget for experts to help look for a cure intended for Autism.

Using Cases from Chapter 3, Illustrate Some Emotional Factors Which can be Influences for the Health of the Individual Essay