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 Because I possibly could Not Stop for Death by Emily Dickens Dissertation

For the post of Written Recruiting Test pertaining to the post of Postgraduate Assistants in Tamil Nadu Higher Extra Educational Assistance.  Syllabus: British (Subject Code: P02)



Pertaining to Detailed Examine

Chaucer: Debut to the Canterbury Tales

Spenser: Faerie Queene - Book-I

For Non-detailed Study

Spenser: Prothalamion and Epithalamion

Wyatt, Surrey: Choices in Peacock's English verse, Vol-I Ballads: Peacock - Vol-II


For In depth Study

Bread - Documents - Of Truth, Of Adversity, Of Studies,

Of Revenge, Of Ambition, Of Friendship

Sidney: Apologie Intended for Poetrie�

Pertaining to Non-detailed Study

The Scriptures: The Publication of Job. �


For Detailed Study

Marlowe: Dr . Faustus�

For Non-Detailed Study

Kyd: The The spanish language Tragedy

Bill Jonson: The Alchemist�



To get Detailed research

Donne: Canonisation, The Ecstasie

Milton: Haven Lost, Book-IX

Pope: The Rape from the Lock. �

For Non-detailed Study

Milton: Samson Agonistes

Gray, Collins & Blake: Peacock's English Verse - Vol-III Herbert: 1 . Problem 2 . The Pulley

Marvell: To His Coy Mistress


Pertaining to Detailed Research

Johnson: Lifestyle of Milton

For Non-Detailed Study

Bunyan: The Pilgrim's Progress

Fielding: Tom Jones


For Detailed Analyze

Dryden: Most for Appreciate

Sheridan: The college for Scandal

For Non-detailed Study:

Congreve: The way of the World

Goldsmith: The girl stoops to conquer



Pertaining to Detailed Study

Wordsworth: Immortality Ode, Tintern Abbey

Coleridge: Ode to Dejection, Kubla Khan

Keats: Ode over a Grecian Urn, Ode to Autumn.

Shelley: Ode for the West Blowing wind

For Non-Detailed Study

Wordsworth: Prelude - Book-I

Shelley: Adonais


For Comprehensive Study

Lamb: Essays of Elia

Christ's Hospital, The South Ocean House, Wish children, New Year's Eve Hazlitt: My First Friend with Poets.

For Non-Detailed Study

Shelley: A Protection of Poetry

Wordsworth: Preamble to the Lyrical Ballads (1850)

Jane Austen: Emma

Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights

Unit-IV - MODERN DAY LITERATURE (1832 to the present day)


Intended for Detailed Analyze:

Arnold: Dover Beach, The Scholar Gypsy

Browning: Hazel Del Sarto

Tennyson: Decedee D' Arthur

W. B. Yeats: Byzantium

Eliot: The Waste property

For Non-Detailed Study:

Hopkins: The Destroy of the Deutschland

The selections from

(i) Owen (ii) W. L. Auden (iii) Stephen Spender in the Faber Book of recent Verse. Prose

For In depth Study:

Carlyle: The Leading man as a Person of Words

(from " On Heroes and Leading man Worship”)

Mathew Arnold: Study regarding Poetry

To. S. Eliot: Tradition and Individual Talent

For Non-detailed Study:

Dickens: Great Expectations

George Elliot: Middle 03

Hardy: Jude the Obscure

Virginia Woolf: To the Light House

Graham Greene: The strength and the Glory�



For Detailed Study

Macbeth, The Tempest

For Non-Detailed Study

Henry–IV Part-I: Assess for Assess

Antony and Cleopatra

A general knowledge of the other takes on, poems and sonnets of Shakespeare can be expected of the candidates.  Unit-VI AMERICAN BOOKS


Thorough study

Walt Whitman: Out of the Cradle Forever Rocking

Emily Dickinson: Mainly because I could not really Stop to get Death

Robert Frost: Repairing Wall, Birches, West Operating Brook. Sylvia Plath: Daddy

Non-Detailed Research

Walt Whitman...