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 Beowulfs Lifestyle Compared to Contemporary society Today Essay

Despite many cultural and technological developments, life in America today continues to resemble the Anglo-Saxon globe. Although it takes longer and some lack of pride to admit it, as characteristics of human nature possess stayed precisely the same in the place of work as to personal relationships, the similarities between two worlds are remarkable. A king or the modern-day boss decides the best staff member in the land through their very own experience in battle or possibly a resume of previous job. The king/boss provides rewards with ' share of his wealth/salaries with the warrior/employee promising in exchange to remain devoted and ready to die in fight for the greatesat challenge. If a challenge is received or a package is sealed, an ideal lord/boss, whose very best characteristics is definitely generosity, is going to divid the treasure amoun his danes, or honor a big bonus check to his workers. There are many similarities in relationships today as well. Corruption, greed, and envy exist today, as do valor, bravery and nobility. Actions in contemporary America happen to be parallel to prospects seen in Beowulf because even though times have got changed, individuals have statyed the same. A struggle among good and evil existed then and will continu to exist for hundreds of years to come. People in general are in fight to see that can become the best or that can have the most of everything. Adults today shoot for the best, never putting issues first in their lives that should be important. Everyone wants the best hom, car and jobs. They would like to becom the hero that everyone can take a look at and be happy with. Beowulf also offers similarities into a modern day main character such as a firefighter. Beowulf had to be brave to fight off a monster that was 2 times his size just as firefighters have to face burning buildings and risk their lives. For them to inform a story of any journey or perhaps task that they have completed is even though to be acceptable, but to brag and twist accomplisments is definitely frowned upon in the current society. IN the time...