bio digestive systems Article


Goat (Herbivore)

Puppy (Carnivore)

Darling Possum (Nectar feeder)

Classed Diagram

Key food source/chemical composition

Lawn (fibre/starch) as well as sugars, protein, oils, various other nutrients Beef, bones as well as proteins, body fat

Nectar & pollen as well as

Excessive sugar content (sucrose, glucose, fructose), carbs Function of numerous structures into their digestive devices Four stomach chambers:

Rumen – bacterias and protozoa break down cellulose.

Reticulum - Once rumen is full goat regurgitates, the reticulum allows for this to happen. Omasum – bacteria and micro-organisms breakdown food.

Obomasum – secretes acidity and enzymes to break straight down proteins and fats. Stomach contains hydrochloric acids which dissolves foodstuff that they already have consumed. Microbial fermentation happens in the huge intestine.

Stomach stores nectar.

Stomach coating releases nasal mucus.

Digestion of pollen takes place in the is going to.

Comparison of digestive systems

Goats have a relatively larger caecum compared to your dog

Goats possess a larger more complicated digestive system when compared with both dogs and sweetie possums. Darling possums provide an absence of a caecum in contrast to both your dog and a goat. Sweetie possums include relatively simple digestive tract.

Like possums dogs possess relatively brief intestine when compared to goats. Discussion of chemical breakdown

Microbes in the gut help break down the cellulose found in grass. Caecum hosts a number of bacteria which helps the enzymes break down cellulose. microbial fermentation in large is going to

hindgut fermenters

Specialisation as well as adaptation

They have no dogs or incisors in their uppr jaw simply because they don't need to rip or copy grass flat molars to get grinding turf

Larger even more prominent dogs for tearing flesh

The teeth are lowered greatly apart from the two front side teeth in the lower jaw. This suits their diet since they supply largely in nectar without any reason being mechanically separated.

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