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Dawe reveals valuable ideas in his poem ‘Homo Suburbiensis'. One of the useful insights he makes is usually that the ordinary, each day man offers value. For instance , in the last stanza Dawe points out the man being " supplying up instead/Not much but since much every man can offer/ time, pain, take pleasure in, hate, age group, war, loss of life, laughter, fever. ” Dawe draws after the religious connotations with the term " offering” to exhibit the male's contribution can be as valuable as religious sacrifice. Dawe, furthermore, lists the contributions from the ordinary gentleman, juxtaposing terms with confident connotations such as " love”, with terms that have bad connotations Dawe attempts to illustrate that everything the person has to offer anytime is important – the great, the bad and the mundane. Through his usage of a variety of graceful techniques, Dawe conveys a valuable insight which the everyday a great has worth.

In his poem, ‘And A fantastic Friday Was Had By All' Dawe provides a important insight: the death of Christ continues to be relevant today. Dawe identifies the crucified Christ since having " arms spread/so it seemed/over the whole damned creation”. 3In this example, Dawe uses vivid imagery of Christ on the mix with arms " spread” to inspire his target audience to photo Jesus on the cross. Dawe's use of the anachronistic concept that Jesus' arms are spread for the " complete damned creation” indicates that Christ's fatality has significance or everybody, not just the folks present in that moment in history.

A valuable information highlighted in the poem ‘Homo Suburbiensis' is his esteem for the ordinary man. The opening series " one particular constant in a world of variables” creates importance towards the regular man. A metaphor is utilized to bring higher significance for the man, as he is compared to the world and stated while ‘One constant' thus displaying the responders the importance of this man, and Dawe's thoughts about the normal man. Dawe's respect on the ordinary man is demonstrate again within the last line " Not much but as much as a man can provide...