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Is it dishonest for the managers of Plainfield Health-related Centre to honour their white patients' requests to become helped simply by users of their own race? Was Brenda Chaney put through a ‘hostile workplace' based on her competition? Did the managers of Plainfield Healthcare Centre immorally discriminate against Chaney?

It can be unethical for the managers of Plainfield Healthcare Middle to honour their white patients' asks for to be helped only simply by members of their own race. Plainfield hired Chaney as a health professional aide or perhaps certified breastfeeding assistant (CNA). As a CNA, she was responsible for monitoring patients, responding to their demands for services, and generally aiding with their daily living needs. Plainfield detailed Chaney's daily move duties on an assignment piece that she and other workers received after arriving at operate. The job sheet detailed the citizens in Chaney's unit and the corresponding care needs. In addition, it featured a column with miscellaneous notes about every single resident's condition. In the case of Marjorie Latshaw, a resident in Chaney's product, the piece instructed registered nurse aides that Latshaw Wants No Dark CNAs.

Plainfield acknowledges it is policy of honouring the racial choices of the residents in assigning health-care providers. Plainfield maintains that expected their employees to respect these kinds of racial choices because it otherwise risked breaking state and federal regulations that give residents the rights to decide on providers, to privacy, also to bodily autonomy. Indeed, in its reply quick to the section court in summary judgment, Plainfield known that the assignment sheet intended for Chaney " banned” her from helping Latshaw. For fear of being fired, Chaney went along with the policy. Though Latshaw remained on her assignment sheet, Chaney reluctantly refrained from assisting her, even though she is at the best placement to respond. Once, Chaney identified Latshaw around the...