coco chanel Essay

Subject: Coco Chanel

General Purpose: To tell

Specific Goal: By the end of my presentation the audience will be aware of better about Coco Chanel. Thesis: Coco Chanel brought the world of substantial fashion towards the masses.


I. Do people know what this kind of logo can be?

A. I actually am presuming most of women in this room know what this is. B. This is Chanel logo design, one of the most renowned fashion brand in the world. C. A lot of women understand Chanel and they are fascinated of Chanel items, but who know about Chaveta Chanel, the first custom made of Chanel? II. Today, I am going to inform my target audience about who Coco Chanel was, and her popular fashion product lines. III. Thesis statement: Chaveta Chanel brought the world of large fashion to the masses. Change: Now, a few begin with who also Coco Chanel was.


We. Who is Cocorota Chanel?

A. She is a successful woman who overcame for being an orphan.

1 ) Coco was created out of wedlock in the French city of Saumur in the Loire Valley on 19 September 1883 ( De La Haye, 2005). a. Coco was sent to a great orphanage with her two sisters when her mom died of asthma at her age twelve, and her daddy left his children. n. In early 1900s, at her age seventeenth, she still left the orphanage and went to the local convent school in Moulins (South of France) (De La Haye, 2005). c. Previously being taught to sew simply by her aunts, her sis and the girl found work as dressmakers, assisting Monsieur Henri Desboutin of the House of Grampayre( De La Haye, 2005) installment payments on your By 1903, Chanel moved to Paris together become the mistress of a well-to-do young armed service officer, Etinenne Balsan (J. Baughman (Ed. ), 2001). a. The girl started developing hats for her friends.

m. Around 1910 Balsan and her enthusiast Capel helped Chanel create a millinery shop by 21 rue Cambon in Paris (J. Baughman (Ed. ), 2001). c. Her Simple, graceful hats charmed the world women who

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