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 Company Analysis Essay

HMB 524 Marketing Strategy

Firm Analysis:

Simply Group

Prepared for

Barbara Evans

Prepared by

Rangsikul Likhitthanawong


Business Summary

This report can examine Only Group Ltd, the number one industry leader in fashion and apparel retail store in Australia. The objective of this report is always to review current strategies used by Just Group with regarding to seven traits version according to Schumann, G. A. 1994. Besides, long term strategies recommendation will be presented as the important thing for the business to support competitive benefits. Just Group is a leading market leader in fashion and apparel retail store in Australia. Someone buy of the organization continues to enhance while the range of stores raises as well. The external environment analysis includes Porter's five forces, INFESTATIONS analysis. Five Forces evaluation shows the high intensity of industry competition. PEST examination shows the result that exterior factors have an effect on Just Group in several techniques. On the other hand, SWOT analysis is usually complied pertaining to internal environment analysis. Inside the part of approach review, it really is done making use of the Seven Traits of Business model because the rule. (Schumann 1994). The overview of each characteristic review is just as follows: Technique review – Customers driven

Just Group has found an significance of acquiring customer satisfaction, so the corporation has used some customer-oriented strategies which can be offering most current fashion to diversified target market, launching devotion program to hold customers, going along with changing in customer style, and expanding customer dedication throughout the organization Technique review – Technology influenced

To manage all retail stores, Simply Group requires some effective technological administration program to organize its retailing. Just Group deploys a great outsourced details system in managing full chains via Retail Guidelines Strategy assessment – Competition driven

Merely Group concerns both direct and indirect competitors. The company tries to expand its product to cover every target to do something against the competition. Strategy review – Stakeholders driven

The important thing players recognized are shareholder, suppliers, customers, government, environment and community Strategy review – Methods driven

Three categories of solutions are targeted by the company. They are physical resources, recruiting, and organizational resources. Technique review – Culture/Leadership driven

The overall efficiency of people inside the organization and motivation happen to be driving accomplishment to the company. Strategy assessment – Task driven

Simply Group is often involved in job which needs time, expense and resources as constraints. The main tasks are releasing new product appearance, community support, lifting up internal performance and market expansion.

Finally, the Balance Scorecard is used in determining you’re able to send objectives protecting four views, which are finance, customer, inner process and learning & innovation, after which the tactics are fairly created with individuals objectives as well as the environment research and technique reviews.

Table of contents

Professional Summary1

Table of contents3

1 . Introduction4

2 . Business background5

installment payments on your 1Organization history5

2 . 2Organization overview5

2 . 3Vision and mission6

3. Industry coverage6

3. 1Porter's 5 makes analysis6

several. 2PEST analysis7

3. 3SWOT analysis7

4. Strategic review8

4. 1Customer driven8

5. 2Technological driven9

4. 3Competition driven9

5. 4Stakeholder driven10

4. 5Resources driven12

4. 6Culture/leadership driven13

4. 7Project driven14

5. Conclusion15

6. Future strategy recommendation15

6. 1Financial perspectives16

6. 2Customer perspective17

6th. 3Internal Perspective17

6. 4Learning and growth perspective18

six. References19

8. Appendices21

Appendix 1: Only Group's history21

Appendix a couple of: Porter's your five forces22

Appendix 3: PEST analysis24

Appendix 4: SWOT analysis26

Appendix 5: Brand...

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Taxation: GST pricing guidelines suggest that retail rates on goods and services must be GST inclusive (IBIS World Industry Report, 2007, p19).