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 Essay About Lars Eighner

A'breon Hall

Patricia Bjorklund

ENG 111-A77

11 February 2015

" Learning Dumpster Diving”

Lars Eighner's Essay " On Rubbish Diving” describes the experience of getting homeless and having to rubbish dive to get a living. Eighner shows how dumpster diving is a permenant job that requires a lot of effort but next certain guidelines can help someone to become more useful however this individual discusses American waste and also the true art of dumpster diving. The objective of this article is to clarify the way of lifestyle as a scavenger and how to display how folks are able to live by the nominal resources they can gain. Eighner shows his pride and confidence as he explains his ways of living as a destitute man. Rubbish diving helped Lars set out to realize issues that people remove, still have good use in that. Although it would've been nice for Lars to live just like regular people in a decent house, he appeared on the bright-side of living off of other's trash. He looked at his situation while art, " proceeding towards the abstract”. He gained a lot of knowledge in dumpster diving such as precisely what is safe to enjoy, and precisely what is not. Lars was a very smart man because he created ways to discover things that met his needs. This individual knew where and when to find fresh food: the pizza shop's dumpster. Lars discovered a lot by his connection with Dumpster Diving and grew more like a person. In everything that he found, this individual always appeared deeper into that object. Lars found a different side of rubbish. The sentimental value with the things in Dumpsters. Eighner also displays his bad outlook in the experience being a Dumpster Diver. Eighner had a lot of tempestuous circumstances where he went from feeling wonderful about his practice as a dumpster diver to having demonstrated his indignity and despair about his lifestyle. " No matter how mindful I am i not still get dysentery at least one time a month…... I do not want to paint too passionate a picture. Rubbish Diving has serious disadvantages as a way of life. ” To me it appears as if Eighner had...