Essay about Concussion

Keland Carter

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Mike Pitoniak


Concussions in the NFL

Watching a football everyone looks out for the " Big Hit” but you may be wondering what people don't look out for may be the after math of these socalled big visits, which most of the time leads to concussions. These kinds of concussions have become much more serious and there is a lot of concern regarding the safety of players whom attain multiple concussions, certainly not because of the quick problems it may bring but the future cost that it can take on the athlete's brain and body. The feelings of dizziness, headache or short lack of memory right now may not appear so dramatic at that point over time In some instances a gamer will attain a debauche but refuses to alert any individual because that they fear getting benched but don't realize the actual danger that they can be making themselves susceptible to in the long term. For these reasons, the NFL business office officials will be carefully changing rules and regulations to hold these players safe from conceivable concussions and head shock. Concussions inside the NFL have reached an perfect high which is not a positive signal for these current athletes who have attain multiple concussions because of long term symptoms such as Alzheimer's, depression, and perhaps brain destruction.

Alzheimer's disease is something which is very normal with NFL players because of every one of the head to head speak to during a game or over the course of their careers. In a study of more than 3, 4 hundred retired Nfl players, the researchers found that death rates from your two brain diseases(Alzheimer's & Lou Gehrigs) were 4 times greater than those in the general U. S. human population. The study looked over nearly several, 400 pensioners who performed for at least five seasons among 1959 and 1988. From the 334 past players because cohort with died, neurodegenerative disease triggered or written for 17 fatalities. This figure is very worrying because this means most players have had more than just one critical brain personal injury,...

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