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 Copyright Strike Sheet Article

Requirement of copyright: 17 USC 102(a)

1 . Fixation ~ 17 USC §102(a) and Const. " writing”

a. Tangible channel for more than transitive time WITH authorization of CR owner; can be perceived 2 . Appearance ~ 18 USC 102(a)

a. Low threshold, first work of authorship (independent creation) 3. Modicum creativeness ~ (Feist)

4. Topic ~ 17 USC 102(a)(1)

o(1) literary functions, including software program

oNOT specifics, slogans, baptistere, stock characters

oexempts performance by simply non-profit or govt. §110(2)

o(2) musical works, including lyrics

oexempts performance simply by non-profit or govt. §110(2)

o(3) dramatic works, which includes music

o(4) pantomimes and choreography

orequires fixation

o(5) pictorial, graphic, and sculptural performs

o2D – problem of originality

o3D – problem of funcationality

o (6) movie and audiovisual works

o(7) sound songs

olimited simply by §112 ephemeral recordings

o(8) system works

ooriginal + not dictated by functional problems

ocan make/distribute pictorial rendering of structures if not 3D model and in public space §120 oDerivative performs and collection §103

oOriginality + hinsicht + usage of preexisting materials

oCollective works §201(c)


oidea, method, process, approach to operation §102(b)

•Baker sixth is v. Selden

ogovernment functions §105

oIssues: idea/expression dichotomy, merger, features

Ownership and Copy

•Ownership ~ §201

•Transfer ~ §201

oWritten tool req. unless of course nonexclusive correct

•Works made for hire ~ §201(d), §202-205

•Joint works ~ §201(a)

•Duration ~ §302-304


oNotice ~ §401-406

oDeposit ~ §407

oRegistration ~ §408-412

WMFH Common law agency check:

Option A (a) Test to decide if there persisted an employment marriage: adopted -- common-law company law check •(1) Level of skill

•(2) Source of instrumentalities and equipment

•(3) area of work – where was it performed?

•(4) life long the relationship

•(5) capacity of the commissioning party to assign additional jobs to the hired party •(6) extent in the hired party's discretion above when and just how long to work •(7) method of repayment

•(8) chosen party's position in hiring and having to pay assistants •(9) whether the operate is section of the regular business of the hiring party •(10) whether the hiring party is at business

•(11) employee rewards

•(12) taxes treatment of the hired get together

Option A (b) Restatement 2nd Agency §228 -- to determine whether works created by salaried employees were created within the " scope of employment” •(1) is the operate of the type employees appointed to perform

•(2) was work created greatly within time and space limits of employee's job •(3) was the employee at least in part, by simply intention, to serve employer's purpose

Exclusive Rights §106

•(1) processing


•copying by library and records (§108)

•automatic copying by computers (§512)

•functionality of §113(c)

•ephemeral sound documenting §112

•single copy of software for personal use §117

•non-profit blind §121

•non-mechanical sound recording processing §114(b)

•compulsory license §115

•(2) Adaptation/derivative works


•adapt single copy of software for personal use §117

•(3) distribution


•Functionality of §113(c)

•Non-profit blind §121

•first deal §109

•importation §602

•(4) public functionality


•face-to-face teaching §110(1)

•instructional broadcast §110(2)

•public perception of transmission of single receiving apparatus §110(5) •compulsory permits

•secondary transmissions §111

•jukebox §116

•public broadcasts §118

•(5) publically display the effort


•functionality of the work §113(c)

•display in room just §109(c)

•and same as public performance

•(6) digitally perform sound songs


•rebroadcast of AM/PM §114

•non-interactive net §114

•Moral Rights...