Cultism Dissertation

Becoming Text of your Paper Provided by Mr Ben Oguntuase, NAS Capone at the Anti-Cult Week Symposium organised by University of Lagos upon Wednesday, Nov 3, 1999 This Anti-Cult week markings another important stage towards dealing with one of the modern-day problems facing higher education in Nigeria. The difficulties of the assault associated with " cultism" in higher organizations reached a climax with all the cruel massacre of five registrants of the Obafemi Awolowo College or university, Ile-Ife in the early hours of July 10. I am able to say authoritatively that the tendency towards cult violence made its debut in the early 1980s. I believe the first cult-related violent fatality occurred in 1984. It is not breathtaking of us as being a nation that it took over 15 years because the violence started and nine years because the Pyrates Confraternity raised a national burglar alarm on the craze before the region decided to rise up to the challenge and deal with the problems. Nevertheless , under the circumstances, it is better overdue than never. In this regard, My spouse and i praise the organisers with this conference and sincerely hope that tangible steps will be taken hereafter to tackle this problem once and for all. We really have zero choice with this. OAU should be the very previous!

I have been asked to provide a point of view on " cultism" in Higher Establishments andd how to cope with its linked problems. I really hope that this subject is not really intended by the organisers to mean that scholar cultism can be bad, although non-student cultism is good. What is certainly clear to me is the fact there is currently no countrywide definition of the word " cultism". What I can see from the average person is that fraternity equals cultism. Another tone of model could appropriately say that fraternity plus physical violence equals cultism. I will try to define and distinguish between the two terms with this paper.

Let me also make an effort to provide several insight into the organisations all of us call students' cults and suggest concrete floor ways to deal with the assault associated with...

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