Disney Idea Parks Case Essay

1 . What do you think determined Disney to build parks in foreign countries, and what might be the good qualities and cons from the perspective of the Walt Disney Company?

Disney can be motivated to build parks around the world to broaden its revenue of items goods and also attendance with their theme theme parks. In addition , with all the expansion in the parks, Disney can may play a role in distributing advertisements of their movies plus the ideology that Disney is actually a Place of Dream and joy. Disney is usually motivated to also acquire more solutions by their growth, for example , Disney wants to make a park in Shanghai so that it can facilitate in likely creating a Disney channel to get the Chinese language people. Finally, Disney wants to minimize the risk of all their parks in the usa in case they certainly poorly they will gain their profits in Asia or perhaps Europe.


-Sales expansion

-Resource obtain

-Risk minimization


-There are cultural factors which will hinder the company via conducting organization. For example , Paris, france was concerned that Disney was damaging their tradition with American products and ideology. -There happen to be geographic affects to see best places to place the area and wherever it would be rewarding. Also, which in turn area is definitely closer to the citizenry of the region and mass transportation. -Competition of theme parks.

-Political and legal disadvantages of certain countries.

2 . Why will you suppose Disney made not any financial investment in Asia, one of $140 million in France, then one of above $300 , 000, 000 in Hong Kong?

I believe that Disney made no economic investment in Japan because it was the initially theme park pertaining to Disney outside of the United States. Disney knew it had been a tremendous chance to place their very own theme park in Japan. It absolutely was never completed before and Disney was afraid of the chance, therefore , this allowed to work with the Asian Land Business to create Disney and make money from the royalties instead and offer the Oriental Land Company all the risk involved.

Disney quickly saw...

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