Essays of Pochury Festival


On August 14, 1960, the Naga Army bombarded Assam Rifle out-post by Thuda (Phor village) in Pochury place. The harm was undertaken by the Asian Command's first Brigade underneath the command of Major Standard Zuheto, combined with the then next battalion of Pochury Region under the order of Lt. Colonel Thorpa. The monsoon was at the height in the period and all significant rivers just like Tizu, Lanye and Thethsii were entirely spate. The attack premiered after destroying all the 6 bridges about all the waterways. This was done to stop reinforcement from reaching the besieged armed service post. As the assault continued in to the thirteenth day, ammunitions in both sides were running brief and on a lot of occasions the Indian Bomber command plane tried to drop comfort material and ammunitions yet were averted by the Naga Army. At the same time the Indian Air Force jet fighters strafed the attacker's positions. An Indian transportation plane (Dakota) trying to drop relief components and ammunitions to the besieged post was shot down by the Naga Army around the 14th time of the duress and crash landed at Zathsii, a paddy discipline of Meluri village. The Naga Armed service captured all the 9 (nine) airmen which include Flt. Lt. A. H. Singh. This kind of led to a heavy army procedure in Pochury area by Indian Military, who was on the mission to search and relief the captured airmen, non-e of which were at any time tortured although were later set free of charge through the Crimson Cross. Along the way of the military services operations to rescue the airmen a large number of villages were burnt straight down and lots of atrocities and tortures were inflicted after the villagers. On Sept 1, 1960, 6 (six) villagers by Phor community were tortured to loss of life. Their brands are Luxury touring. TГјrachu, Town Chief, Luxury touring. YutsГјchu, Guia, Lt. ChГјpuchu DB, Lt. YitГјchu GIGABITE, Lt. TГјrГјchu GB, Lt. MГјghazu GIGABITE. Again on September 3, 1960 one more 3 (three) villagers from Yisi small town were beaten to fatality namely Luxury touring. Mazu GIGABITE, Lt. Throchu, Lt. Mazu RP. Two villagers Luxury touring. YichГјhu and...

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