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Our study upon Telling Stories has made me personally aware that composers tell reports to entertain and to convey their tips. Henry Lawson's short tales ‘The Drover's Wife' and ‘The Filled Dog', show these twin features. Kitty Steven's life story the ABC documentary ‘A Few Good Music, ' was created to convey the idea that telling reports is a powerful catalyst pertaining to reflection for the unpredictability of life and the individual's desire to have self-fulfilment.

Within our prescribed text, ‘The Drover's Wife', by utilizing an anonymous bush girl as his protagonist, Lawson extends his narrative over and above the story of your particular person, to involve the testimonies of all these kinds of women. The narrative highlights their brutal independence because they battle a hostile environment to ensure their particular survival plus the survival with their families. The harshness with their environment is made in the starting paragraphs through the cumulation of negative aesthetic and auditory images such as ‘The stunted, rotten apple trees' and ‘a handful of sheoaks…. sighing above the thin, almost waterless creek'. The harshness dans le cas ou similarly reflected in the adjectives which identify ‘four tattered, dried-up seeking children' and ‘the gaunt sun-browned woman'. Thus by simply linking environmental surroundings to the inhabitants, Lawson's omniscient third-person narrator shapes our knowning that the unique Aussie traits of resilience and courage are the product of an interaction with a hostile environment. The repeating of ‘black' in ‘a black one' and in the alliterative ‘black brute' echo the white-colored colonial point of view of danger and wicked. Further rewarding the horrifying realism from the dangers is definitely the onomatopoeic repletion of ‘thud, thud' plus the biblical meaning in ‘the original curse' to convey the wilderness to which the woman and her kids have been exiled. The unfavorable connotations of ‘worn-out' and ‘sickly' advise us that Lawson's narrative has created a bush associated with ceaseless struggle, a world exactly where...