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 Dynamic Ac electricity Restorer Essay

Electrical energy and Strength Systems 25 (2003) 525–531



The DC link strength control method in dynamic voltage fixer system Il-Yop Chung*, Dong-Jun Won, Sang-Young Park, Seung-Il Moon, Jong-Keun Park Seoul National University, 130-Dong 303-Ho EESRI, Shinlim-dong, Kwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742, To the south Korea


Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), which is installed between the source and a crucial load, may restore force voltage for the pre-fault volts during ac electricity sag. To revive load volts, DVR will need to inject roughly the same as dropped ac electricity, which presents the voltage difference between pre-fault and fault volts through series connected transformer. Voltage repair of DVR needs to put in active electricity and strength from DVR to circulation system. However , the capability of one's storage that usually consists of capacitors in DVR is limited. Therefore , it must be regarded how the treatment energy may be minimized and the load ac electricity can be built close to the pre-fault voltage. This paper explains conventional refurbishment techniques just like pre-sag reimbursement, in-phase settlement, and period advance approach. In addition , this kind of paper suggests a new idea of restoration strategy to inject minimal energy during DVR compensation. The recommended method is based on the definition of volts tolerance from the load. In the proposed method, some particular disturbances may be corrected with less amount of energy release than those of conventional methods. q the year 2003 Elsevier Research Ltd. All rights reserved.

Keywords: Electric power quality; Volt quality sag; Custom power; Energetic voltage fixer; Series settlement; Energy search engine optimization

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Due to the development of industry, power quality provides a

significant influence on high-technology equipments related to communication, advanced control, software, precise

production technique and on-line support. For example ,

volt quality sag may have a bad influence on the goods of

semiconductor fabrication with considerable financial

losses. Electricity quality complications include transients, sags,

disruptions and other effects to the sinusoidal waveform [1]. One of the most important power quality problems is volts sag which is a sudden short duration reduction in

ac electricity magnitude among 10 and 90% in comparison to

nominal voltage.

Recently, fresh technologies like custom power devices

depending on power electric concepts have been completely developed to

provide prevention of power top quality problems. Generally, custom electricity devices will be divided by three groups such as series-connected compensator just like dynamic ac electricity

restorer (DVR), shunt-connected compensator like syndication static compensator (DSTATCOM), and series- and shunt-connected compensator like Unified Power Top quality

Conditioner (UPQC). The series-connected compensator

may restore the distorted fill voltage directly by injecting * Corresponding author. Tel.: þ 82-2-886-3101; fax: þ 82-2-886-3102. Email-based address: [email protected] snu. air conditioning unit. kr (I. -Y. Chung).

missing volts while the shunt-connected compensator may

do not directly by handling line current. DVR is definitely seriesconnected involving the supply and a delicate load, so that it is designed to inject the compensating voltage in

distribution range in real time [2]. Consequently , DVR can easily

provide an powerful solution to bring back voltage drop by

building the proper ac electricity quality level required by


The right restoration is always to make insert voltages unrevised.

When DVR restores voltage disturbances, effective power or perhaps

energy ought to be injected from DVR to distribution system.

If the capacity for energy safe-keeping of DVR were infinite,

DVR may maintain fill voltage the same ideally during

any kind of faults. However , the stored strength in DVR is

limited practically by limit of DC hyperlink capacity of DVR. Particularly, DVR cannot restore force voltage frequently

when the ac electricity across the DC link went down and...

References: I. -Y. Chung et approach. / Electric power and Energy Systems twenty-five (2003) 525–531

Il-Yop Chung received his BS and MS levels in Electric powered