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 Effects of the Holocaust Dissertation

The Holocaust had a great effect on the earth, leaving a legacy which will forever always be remembered. As a result of merciless activities of one person, Adolf Hitler, over eleven million people died. Often , the Holocaust is kept in mind as an act against Jews, which usually it was, since the loss of life toll included six , 000, 000 Jews, regarding two thirds from the Jewish population. But it must not be forgotten that there were five million others who were targeted by Hitler, which included Gypsies, Slavs and disabled people. In all circumstances, these people had been killed not really because of something they did although simply for who they were. The Jews had been Hitler's scapegoat for the losing of World Conflict I plus the economic crisis that followed. He was able to persuade the German born people that having been purging the human race of these " creatures. ” Plus the purge then expanded to reduce all " undesirables” in his effort to develop the perfect Arian race. Beyond the direct loss of life inside the Holocaust, as a result of Hitler's anti-Semitic views, countless Jews fled those areas under German control searching for a safe haven in other countries, such as United States. Funds and personal property were misplaced or forgotten and people were required to start all their lives over again, often times without family members who were unable to get away or had been lost in a concentration camp. The pain and struggling of these people was incredible and remained with all of them throughout their life. My personal great-grandfather had been imprisoned in a concentration camp and was fortunate enough to have been able to get away, although his sister was not as lucky. He escaped to America with my personal great-grandmother and grandfather, who had been 10 at that time. A lawyer in Austria, my personal great-grandfather needed to start once again at the age of forty two, learning a trade within a foreign nation without knowing the language and trying to rebuild a life for himself and his family. It was hard and the memories haunted him throughout his your life. Although this individual never...