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 Egypt and Mesopatamia Review Contrast Composition

Lindsay Evans

AP World Euro Fourth Block

Comes to an end August twenty-seven, 2010

Egypt and Mesopotamia Compare Comparison Essay

Old Mesopotamia went through many different autorite that distributed similar parts cultural attributes, where as Egypt went through many different rulers, yet only a few lignage. Mesopotamia lied to you in between the Tigris and Euphrates Waterways, and its main empires persisted from 1650 BCE to around 330 BCE. The historical Egyptian autorite went through several main levels: The Gothic Period (3100-2600 BCE), The Kingdom (2660- 2160 BCE), The Middle Empire (2200-1730 BCE), and The Fresh Kingdom (1570-1130 BCE). Both of these civilizations were located in close enough closeness to transact, goods and ideas. Egypt and Mesopotamia branched from the ideas associated with the farming economy these were both based on and the technology they both equally used, however they differed in the religions that they believed in as well as the gender associations in the culture. However the Silk civilization's ideology and culture left a long-lasting impression today.

In ancient instances most cultures were shaped on or just around a riv, ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt were no exception to this rule, as they the two were produced based on the economy. Like most cultures of that period, the power of the individuals was held in the hands in the person responsible for the feed. In the two Mesopotamia and Egypt, somebody was equiped to be responsible for the feed and other farming products, on the other hand, the person in Mesopotamian tradition that was in charge in the grain was usually a priest, and in Egypt it was usually a great appointed standard. City-states made-up the Mesopotamian societies, and sometimes neighboring autorite invaded one another. Conversely, the Egyptian intruders were generally from other regions of Africa instead of neighboring people. The reason behind the several types of invasion was due to the way the cultures were separation. Egypt split in two, lower and upper Egypt, and Mesopotamia did not possess definite...