Senior Thesis - Condition Monitoring of Rotating Parts of Dredgers Article


1 . one particular Introduction State Monitoring is known as a technique of monitoring the operating qualities of crops, equipment or systems in such a way that changes in the supervised characteristics may be used to predict the advantages of maintenance prior to a serious destruction or breakdown occurs. This aims at uncovering condition ultimately causing catastrophic breakdown and decrease of service, reducing maintenance overhauls, fine tuning of operating gear, increasing development and operating efficiency, lessening replacement parts, inventory. Condition Monitoring is very much important for floating vessels like dredgers, where equipment like propulsion drive, dredge pump drive, jet pump drive etc . are exposed to high geruttel levels during the process of dredging. The powerful performance plus the operational performance of a dredger depend upon the periodical repair of the dredging equipment and also other components operating in underwater and also the crazy fittings. The upkeep of a dredger and its dredging equipment is highly expensive. Simply by deferring or perhaps neglecting the upkeep function, the dredging functions may lead to always be ineffective and the breakdown costs become unrestrainable. In the present job, Condition Monitoring using geruttel analysis has become taken up about two trailing suction hopper dredgers. These two dredgers vary in the electric power drive products for propulsion and dredging machinery. Simply by implementing oscillation monitoring to several key points of both the port and starboard sides about various devices like propeller shaft, steam gear box, engine shaft, shaft electrical generator on propulsion drive; dredge pump the whole length, dredge pump gear package, dredge push shaft on dredge pump drive; jet pump shaft and aircraft pump motor the whole length on jet pump drive; vibration parameters i. electronic. Root Indicate Square (RMS) velocity and vibration indicate levels happen to be measured and probable errors are discovered and suggestions to rectify the flaws are made to improve the performance in the dredgers. In our work, the theoretical research has been performed to monitor the geruttel condition of propeller, dredge pump and fly pump shafts. The organic frequencies intended for the first five settings of these shafts are calculated by Finite Element Research using Inverse Iteration Technique and Jacobi's method. The frequencies are usually verified applying classical Rayleigh - Ritz method. To get 1

the best possible rotational velocity, the displacement and velocity are calculated for each all-natural frequency. An evaluation has been built between assumptive and tested values. Frequency spectra pertaining to propeller the whole length, dredge pump shaft and Jet pump shafts have already been obtained applying data collector. The sto? parameters have already been measured by simply conducting fresh investigation on-ship the dredgers using sophisticated instruments my spouse and i. e. Info Collector, Integrating Vibration Inmiscuirse and Bearing Echo Colocar. The data has been obtained in the four sectors, each of duration 90 days in a year. Based upon vibration parameters, various plots like total trend and building plots for each stage, average trend plots, exclusion ratio plots for each system and the entire drive have already been obtained by using a software, developed in C ++

vocabulary. From these types of plots, classification analysis has

been performed for indicating probable factors behind failure of each machine in each one fourth and helpful measures have been suggested inside the succeeding quarters of the year for enhancing the performance of dredgers. Finally, your computer system continues to be suggested intended for on line monitoring of the systems onboard the dredgers to boost the performance of the dredgers.

1 . 2 . 1 . Summary of Condition Monitoring Condition Monitoring has simply recently come to the forefront of Repair Engineering as being a further instrument in the ongoing effort to take care of high amounts of plant supply. Condition Monitoring, in the thoughts and opinions of Mcmahon[7], is a technique of monitoring the operating characteristics of...

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