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 F. Scott Fitzgerald and Wealth Essay

Courtney Davis

January 30, 2015

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Wealth is defined in the Webster Dictionary as being a state of being rich and having material

prosperity. When ever asking who may be the wealthiest person in, people will most likely respond simply by saying Expenses Gates or perhaps Oprah Winfrey. How come wealth must be related to elements and money? These things only bring out the worst in everybody. Prosperity shouldn't be scored by just how many expenses are in ones budget but rather the prosperity and happiness one has. Societies definition of wealth makes a " wealthy” person appear like they have anything going for them. However , the fact of the matter is that " wealth” makes jealousy and greed. For example, I really needed the new iphone 5 accessories, and once I obtained it I needed the i phone 6. There exists never a finish to the list of things that people want. Supplies may meet people for any day, in the long run people are left sense empty. It is an obsessive cycle simply creating greed. Buddha explained, " He who envies others would not obtain reassurance. ” Jealousness of other's money is why people rob and commit other disgraceful acts. With out this system, offense would lower significantly. Individuals are always associating wealth to money but it doesn't have to become negative term.

Last year I read a book, The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, in which Jay Gatsby becomes rich overnight. Gatsby believed that the " wealth” would support him win the love of his existence, Daisy. However , once this individual died pertaining to Daisy, the lady didn't also come to his burial because she was frightened of others thoughts. He appeared to think that " wealth” would solve every one of his complications,

but he went after the wrong kind of wealth. Almost all Gatsby necessary to " load his emptiness” was wealth of love and someone who cared about him.

Persons tend to think that the more funds they have, the farther they will go in existence. One may have a miserable, very well paying task. What personal values does this have...