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 Feasibility of Hoosier Burger Essay

Six Feasibility Factors:

1) Economic Feasibility

With right inventory strategy and great purchaser assistance, the Hoosier Burger will benefit in terms of increased sales and revenue. Besides that, the Hoosier Burger would have standard customers similar to other eating places. Therefore , the Hoosier Burger should improve its management to assure the regular visits.

2) Functional Feasibility

Better operating system causes more efficient period management since it is an issue of Hoosier Cheese burger. Implementations of your good program enable better schedule managing and customer satisfaction. By applying a fresh and improved system, problems can be fixed and the use of time can be proper during business.

3) Technical Feasibility

With the help of the project crew and owners Bob and Thelma, Hoosier Burger should have no problem doing this suggested system. The problems to be fixed are very fixable and can be performed quite quickly with the appropriate organization and strive.

4) Schedule Feasibility

While there is not a time frame mentioned in the case, the assumption is that Hoosier Burger will need action promptly to assure extended success of the business. They need to keep their very own loyal buyers and must act quickly to do so.

5) Legal and Contractual Feasibility

There are most often few legal risks in this instance. This is a little but set up business that wont have copyright or non-disclosure issues. The only risk might be in locating information about the consumer bottom.

6) Politics Feasibility

Politics are not pointed out or explained in the Hoosier Burger circumstance.