Has Yahoo Reduced the Ability to Retain Emphasis? Essay

" Is Google Making All of us Stupid? ”

The writer of this article, Man Billout, begins his discussion on the Internet's impact on the brains by describing just how he offers felt that his regular use of the world wide web, or Google as he after specifies, features contributed to a " reprogramming” of his brain. Just before reading this article I have go through many times prior to (as well as written) about how the brand new era of technology has given us a need pertaining to instant satisfaction. Whether it is Yahoo searches or perhaps text messages, to be able to have constant and quick information on hand can have a damaging impact on your ability to preserve focus on a dull or unstimulating activity for long periods of time.

One of the things that Billout examines in this article that I found interesting was how a Internet offers absorbed just about every medium and has become the " universal medium” in itself. This is apparent in mediums just like news and weather, the moment 15 years ago everyone was possibly consuming the newspapers, media programs for the TV, or tuning in radio stations to get their details, now what you just have to do is usually visit a information outlet on the net to find the newest and up dated stories and information.

Billout mentions previous in his article that this individual has found him self unable to learning much more than several pages without him shedding focus on his reading. The moment talking about his friends having similar experience he writes, " The greater they use the Web, the more they must fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing. ” While someone who eats much articles through the Internet and also likes reading works of fiction, I have privately found the amount of time We spend on the web has no relationship to the period of time I can maintain focus on extended literary functions.

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