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My own main goal in this paper is to instruct my target audience about a gentleman who sole handedly divided a country through a uniquely invented genre with lyrics that moved the hearts of its audience, how he was left with durable physical scarring through the process of defending his cause, just how he was included jail 200 times, and in addition how this individual used women without the smallest bit of sympathy.

With nothing but a Saxophone, a pair of light briefs and artistic markings on his face, Fela Anikolapo Kuti's music brought chills on individuals who listened. There was something about just how he orchestrated his chords with a little little jazz, some unattractive horns and blues that made persons classify his music suit for the gods…So fascinating. Everything relating to this man was an episode of endless creativity. What kind some said boarded in the psychotic. But the real deal in the masterpieces was not just the tune but the words of the tune that flowed between them. Fela wrote music that made people think and level fingers in the Nigerian government, and he did that applying music because his medium.

Fela Ransom kuti, given birth to October 15th 1938 to middle school Christian parents but died the day he changed his middle by Ransom to Anikolapo which means " The person who holds death in his pouch”. In the 1960's felas political intelligence ignited after having a trip to america where he was exposed to the black electric power movement with the likes of Malcolm X, the dark-colored panthers and others. He went back home while using intention of fixing the Nigerian political system using music as his medium (The Black President). In his documentary " Music Is the Weapon” Fela rests down to describe his tracks. He starts with ITT which means International Thief Thief.

" Start start them distress, Start start them oppression, Start begin to steal cash, Start begin to Steal money, Like Obasanjo and Abiola, International Robber Thief! I actually. T. Big t., International dodgy, International thief" (Kuti). He leaves no room pertaining to confusion about whom he...