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Aim: Oversee the general organizational programme;

5. Plan, apply and co-ordinate strategic and practical organization programmes * Develop and execute company plan consistent with the Business plan * Drive continual improvement and finest practise in all of the key into the safety 2. Empower various levels of management with the required health and security procedures and tools. 5. Lead and be sure audit criteria are attained for quarry, maintenance and management system

Key Consequence Area| Important Performance Indictors

Strategic andBusiness Planning | * Process annual strategy prior to commence of financial 12 months, * Include best practice and verified leading study into understudies planning 5. Drive constant improvement and incorporate into subordinates 5. Plan gross annual compliance teaching required for the with ideal budget and standards collection | Safe Management Practices | * Ensure all legal requirements happen to be met * Regular overview of safe action operations in domiciled departments * Regular review of the incident/injury revealing, recording and investigation processes and details produced 5. Implement health and safety behavioural observation process and frequently review 2. Ensure employee participation in health and security * Business lead and maintain total annual ACC examine and position | Health and safety Reporting | 5. Measure and report in current health insurance and safety styles * Identify leading indicators and survey regularly 5. Implement ways of endure constant improvement of key efficiency indicators * Produce appropriate reports (Weekly, Monthly and Annually)| Instruction and Support| * Present leadership in competency areas to mature management 5. Ensure understanding of departmental requirements at all amounts * Assure appropriate working out for representatives and individuals leaders 5. Ensure schooling and refresher training to take care of compliance arises * Respond to current functional issues and develop systems/interventions/training/awareness.

Making decisions Authority | 1 . Significant actions able to be taken within delegated specialists including degree of financial expert: 2 . 1 ) Select third party suppliers of specialist expertise – especially relating to supply of training and work place assessments 2 . installment payments on your Determine the priority, time and setup of pursuits within the decided organizational strategy. 2 . Key actions and decisions which in turn re advised to a higher level of management for approval: several. 3. Progress the department and functions 3. some. Development of performance indicators intended for understudies and other specialists three or more. 5. Propose remedial actions to any significant hazards recognized 3. 6th. Propose actions for improved productivity | |


Strategic Proficiency

Sees in advance clearly | Can predict future outcomes and styles accurately| Has broad expertise and point of view | Is usually future focused | Can easily articulately paint credible photos and thoughts of options and chance | Can easily create competitive and discovery strategies and plans

Drives intended for Result Expertise

Can be counted on exceed goals successfully | Is constantly and consistently one of many top performers | Incredibly bottom line focused | Steadfastly pushes home and others for results

Informing Proficiency

Provides the details people need to be aware of to do all their jobs and feel good regarding being a member of the team, unit and organization | Delivers individuals data so that they can produce accurate decision | Can be timely with information

Planning Proficiency

Accurately scopes out duration and difficult of tasks and project | Sets objectives and goals | Fights work in the process actions | Evolves schedules and task/people assignments| Anticipates and adjusts intended for problems and setbacks| Evaluate progress against goals | Evaluates...