Essay about Greek and Eygptian Mythology

Greek and Egyptian mythology

Kylie Cruz


The spring 8, 2013

Mark Vander Meer

Traditional and Egypt mythology

The Greeks fantasy of creation is one of the earliest theories currently. Dated back in 753 BC in The italian capital and have a lot of similarities to the Egypt myth of creation. The Egyptians documented their morals on natural stone carving inside temple wall surfaces. Greek and Egyptian common myths of creation

Gaia is recognized as the mom goddess. At first the world was ruled and formed by a female. Females were soupier to males and were thought to be powerful and have every one of the knowledge. (greek mythology, 2010) The Greeks believed that Chaos is born out of darkness from the Unknown. Gaia or the globe emerges via Chaos. (ancient-mythology. com, 2009) Gaia isolates heaven in the earth, water from the property, air in the airless space. From the absolute depths of Gaia comes, Tartarus and Ardor. Chaos also gives delivery to Erebus, " the Darkness of the Underworld" and Nyx, " Night". Gaia also provides birth to Uranus, " The Sky" and Pontus " The Sea". Uranus fertilizes Gaia with rains and coming from Gaia spring the mountains, the, the family pets and plant life. (ancient-mythology. com, 2009) Initially there was only water it was a turmoil of churning, bubbling water, that the Egyptians called Just nu or Hier. It was out of Nu that almost everything began. (ancientegypt. com, 2012) As with the Nile, each year the flood caused chaos to all beings living on the land, and this represents Just nu. Eventually the floods would recede and out of the chaos of drinking water would come up a slope of topsoil. This is recognized as the very first day of their lifestyle every year. The Egyptians likewise believed direct sunlight or god Atum was a creator goodness. That Atum arose out of your Nu and with nowhere to stand created a mountain. The creation of this slope was getting light towards the darkness in the chaotic drinking water. Atum was alone and wanted kids but with not any mate he couldn't duplicate. It is said he joined with his shadow and created a boy and...

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