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CHE101L Syllabus

|I. COURSE RECOGNITION | |Course Title |General Chemistry Lab | |Course Credit |1 unit | |Course Requirement | non-e | |Course Corequisite |General Chemistry Address | |Course Description |This course protects the essential rules of chemical knowledge supplying emphasis on the continuous putting on | | |theoretical rules to the sectors and everyday life. Chemical ideas, atomic composition, chemical improvements and | | |bonding calculations including gas laws and regulations, chemical formulas, chemical equations, pH, and fundamental rules about | | |solutions.

|II. COURSE AIMS | |General Objective |This course was created to accompany the concepts learrned in the Standard Chemistry Lecture course. | |Specific Objectives |At the conclusion of the program, the student must be able to: | | |apply the learned methods and types of procedures to related experimental activities; | | |apply the rules of significant figures in quantitative measurements carried out inside the laboratory; | | |name and write chemical remedies; | | |show self confidence in interpreting experimental info and its relevance; | | |compare and contrast the properties and behavior of elements, chemical substances and mixes; | | |show appropriate basic laboratory techniques; | | |show punctuality inside the submission in the assigned jobs; | | |work well with others; | | |organizes lab apparatus and equipment; | | |maintain an organised and clean work place.

|III. TEXTBOOK(S) AND RECOMMENDATIONS | |Textbook(s) |Silberberg, Martin S. (2010). Principles of General Biochemistry and biology 2nd Model. New York: McGraw Hill International Edition. | |References |H. Stephen Stoker (2012). General Chemistry. Singapore: Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd | | |Brown, LeMay and Bursten. (2009). Chemistry: The Central...

Recommendations: |H. Stephen Stoker (2012). General Biochemistry and biology. Singapore: Cengage Learning Asia Pte Limited

| |Brown, LeMay and Bursten

| |Burdge, Julia 3rd there’s r.. (2009). Hormone balance, New York, In Y.: McGraw-Hill

| |Chang, Raymond

| |Committee on Biochemistry Laboratory. (2009). General Biochemistry and biology Laboratory Manual. Manila.

| |Rosenberg, Jerome, Epstein, Lawrence Meters, and Krieger, Peter

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