How to Write the Johns Hopkins University Additional Essay 2019-2020

Inspiration to your most creative self

The essays can be the most important aspects of your application.

It’s a chance to incorporate depth to something that is very important to you and tell the admissions panel more about your background or goals. Evaluation scores simply tell element of your story, and we would like to know more than just just howwellyou work. You want to seehowyou actually believe.

Below you will find selected examples of essays that worked, inches as nominated by each of our admissions committee. In each of these essays, students were able to reveal stories from other everyday lives to reveal something special in their persona, values, and life that aligned while using culture and values in Hopkins.

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Final Reminders

Online, Johns Hopkins University writes that essays can be among the most important components of your application. The university challenges the importance of being able to actually show the tickets committee what is important to both you and to share even more about your qualifications. Thus, it is essential that you include something that genuinely sets you apart in your supplemental essay. Imagine that you were able to fulfill the admissions panel in person: What would you many want to find out? Use this theoretical conversation to inspire a subject for your essay.

If you’d like more inspiration for your Johns Hopkins University publishing supplement, you can view previous essays that worked on their website. The topics of the essays vary from ambidexterity to music into a piece of furniture in a coffee shop. However , they all are capable to give regarding the respective author’s persona.

University Records

The Ferdinand Hamburger University or college Archives collects, preserves, delivers access to, and promotes a history of Johns Hopkins School in its various forms.

The Ferdinand Burger University Records collects, preserves, promotes, and supplies access to the history of Johns Hopkins University or college. The Records serves as the required records depository for the Homewood Campus divisions of Johns Hopkins University: Central Administration, Zanvyl Krieger University of Artistry and Sciences, G. T. C. Whiting School of Engineering, Carey Business University, the School of Education, and the Paul They would. Nitze Institution of Advanced International Research, based in Wa, DC. The Archives paperwork the experience of teachers, students, and alumni through activities including collection acquisition and common history.

The Johns Hopkins Medical Corporations maintain their particular archival database, as does the Peabody Company. These databases are located on their respective campuses.


Start off your essay response by simply introducing as soon as you are going to reflect on. To hook the reader within a compelling method, you could start with dialogue a person or another person involved. On the other hand, you can decide to begin the essay with a short, considerable sentence.

No matter, use actions words and vivid dialect to really encapsulate the experience. The goal is to make the tickets committee feel like they were reallygenerally therealong. For example:

Four and one, two, three, cha cha chafour and one, two, three.

My first ballroom competition passed in a blur. Amid the pulsing beat, all I can really bear in mind were whizzes. The twirl of my personal red gown. The point of my neck. Yet , I can recall the countless several hours I spent practicing the dance sessions with my own partner flawlessly.

Getting My Tone

I researched and flinched slightly. There have been at least sixty of these, far more than expected. I had thirty several weeks to teach all of them the basics of public speaking. Gritting my the teeth, I divide my select few of instructors among the crowd and sat down to get an impromptu workshop with the eighth graders. They were unsophisticated, monotone, and quiet. Basically, they reminded me of myselfwas delivered with a talk impediment that weakened my own mouth muscle tissue. My conversation was garbled and incomprehensive. Understandably, I grew up peaceful. I attempted my far better blend in and provide the impression I was quiet by decision. I signed up with no golf clubs in principal school, rather preferring solitude. It took six years of tongue twisters and complicated mouth contortions in special education classes to produce the forty-four seems of the English language.

Then simply, high school arrived. I was sick and tired of how limiting my calm nature had become. For better or intended for worse, Choice to finally make my own voice noticed.

Scanning the college club box, I looked for my place. Most activities just did not feel correct. But then, I sat in on a debate team practice and was instantly hooked. I was captivated by how confidently the debaters talked and how conveniently they commanded attention. That i knew that this was the path forwards.

Of course , this was all easier in theory. Whenever it absolutely was my turn to debate, I came across that I was more of a deer in the car headlights than a person enjoying the spotlight. My own start was difficult, and i also stuttered much more than I spoke in these first few weeks. non-etheless, We began using the same equipment as I performed when I learned to speak dozens of years ago: practice and period. I watched the upperclassmen carefully, looking to speak as powerfully because they did. I actually learned by my opposing team and modified my style through the a huge selection of rounds I lost. With discipline, My spouse and i drilled, echoing a single presentation dozens of occasions until I got it proper.

Day by day, We began to stand a little tall and discuss a little even louder both inside and outside of debate. In a few months, my own blood no longer froze while i was known as on in the lecture. I found I really could finally look other people in the eyes after i talked to them without feeling humiliated. My position straightened and i also stopped fidgeting around unknown people. I began to voice my own opinions as opposed to keeping my own ideas to me. As my debate ranking increased from your triple to single-digits, also did my personal standing for school. I began reaching my instructors more and leading my colleagues in clubs. In conversations, I put forward my tips with every little bit as much dedication as my classmates. Once seniors started to ask myself for tips and professors recruited me to teach underclassmen, I discovered not just that I had been heard, but that others desired to listen. In mind, I was still arranged (some things never change), but in finding my tone of voice, I found a strength I could only think of when I was standing in silence so many years ago.

Standing in front of the crowd of students, it had been my hope that by founding this program, I could give them an experience that was while empowering as mine have been for me. Because the weeks passed, the students inched previous their insecurities and toward finding their particular voices, as I had always wished for to do. On the last time of class for that year, We looked up and saw each of the students standing confidently, prepared and ready to speak their minds in whatever they will wanted to do. They had progressed from getting the self conscious and stuttering novices that they canwere just 30 weeks beforecan’t wait to see how long they can move from here.

Admissions Committee Feedback

Madison’s fun writing style left the admissions committee entertained, yet more importantly gave us regarding her outlook and personality. The dissertation illustrates her joy in trying the euphoric pleasures and having diverse hobbies. This helps all of us understand how Madison would flourish in a generous arts academic setting with a lot of flexibility where she can find the unique cross-sections of her interests.


Prior to getting involved with ballroom party, I had never thought of it like a sport. Simply after my personal first practice did I know how physically and mentally exhausting it can be. Even though my dance spouse was and still can be affected person with me, it was frustrating to hold making blunders. To dance properly, there are numerous things you need to pay attention to: the tempo, the positioning of your foot, your pose, and especially the partner’s tips. It was hard learning to comply with his moves.


I actually am thankful to have signed up with ballroom boogie club to get so many reasons. Being a dancer has trained me stability, grace, and strength. But perhaps above all, it has challenged me by causing me susceptible to others especially my own dance spouse. Not only did I have to turn into comfortable with getting physically near to him, yet I had to understand to mirror his movements in a way that looks organic. Even though no words happen to be spoken as part of a move, it is even now an art that will need constant communication.

When possible, also connect your newfound wisdom on your success for college. Show how what you learned on your collaborative knowledge will help you be a better pupil. Maybe you are going to work more efficiently on research because you are able to ask others for suggestions.

Whatever the case, inform you that the things you learned will remain with you in the foreseeable future, andespecially for Johns Hopkins. The admissions committee wants to know what about the university in particular draws you to it and how it will help you succeed, so don’t be afraid to include specific opportunities that align with your topic.

Hear from the >These types of selections signify just a few examples of essays all of us found outstanding and useful during the past vestibule cycle.

We hope these works inspire you as you make to write your own personal assertions. The most important factor to remember will be original whenever you share the own account, thoughts, and ideas with us.

Stand of Material

  • Jerry, Finding My Voice
  • Madison, On Potatoes
  • Devon, Rock Climbing as a Second Language
  • Callie, Bridging Polarity
  • Rocio, Facing the Hot Griddle
  • Akash, The Mechanisms of Collaboration

Admissions Committee Comments

Jerry’s essay helped the vestibule committee understand his background how this individual persevered and grew through debate. Although we had previously learned about Jerry’s enthusiasm to get debate consist of parts of his application, this essay provided so much more interesting depth into for what reason this activity is important for him. Given what he shared in his article, we can imagine Jerry becoming an active player both in and out of the class.


The University Archives collects and manages most materials, which includes:

  • Administrative records of the University including the Office with the President information, records recording the history of academic departments, and student data
  • Teachers papers in the careers of Hopkins faculty
  • College student organization data and other components documenting students experience for Hopkins
  • Photographs internet dating from the early days of the School to present
  • Johns Hopkins University yearbooksThe Johns Hopkins News-Letter, and other Hopkins publications
  • Oral record interviews with students, faculty, staff, and alumni speaking about the Hopkins experience from their perspectives
  • Web records of Hopkins-affiliated websites
  • Theses and dissertations authored by Hopkins learners. Learn about getting at these components in Electronic digital Theses and Dissertations

All of us collect materials in both equally print and digital formatting.

If you want to donate materials to the School Archives, make sure you contact the Hodson Curator of the School Archives.


(Co-editor)Health Education Films in the Twentieth Hundred years, (co-edited with Christian Bonah and Anja Lauktter), Rochester, NY: Rochester University Press, 2018.

(Co-editor)Stress, Surprise, and Version in the 20th Century(Co-edited with Edmund Ramsden) Rochester: University or college of Rochester Press, 2014.

(Co-editor)Meat, Medication, and Individual Health inside the Twentieth Hundred years(co-edited with Christian Bonah and Matthias Drries), London: Pickering and Chatto, 2010.

(Editor) em>Cancers in the Twentieth Century, Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins College or university Press, 08.

(Editor)Reinventing Hippocrates, Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate, 2002

Set a brief dissertation (300-400 words) in which you reply to the following issue: Successful learners at Johns Hopkins associated with biggest effects by participating with other folks, including colleagues, mentors, and professors. Speak about a time, in or away from classroom, as you worked with other folks and whatever you learned through the experience.

Even though this immediate is fairly easy, you should take on it coming from a individualized and useful angle. Pick a moment that you just feel genuinely enhanced the teamwork skills.

For example , maybe you worked by a local non-profit and uncovered through participating with your co-workers that people have different working styles. Or maybe you planned and implemented the senior school project which has a group of peers that were less than respectful. Whatever you decide, be sure that it is a history in which you have got plenty to talk about in order to expand your response.

Identify a worldwide health issue and description a solution to a key underlying problem. (300 words)

The Global Health Research Masters software allows qualified students exhibiting a strong involvement in public health to follow a merged Bachelor’s/Master’s while using Bloomberg College of Public well-being. If not admitted being a high school older, you will have the alternative to re-apply to the plan as a jr . at Johns Hopkins, provided that you file a major in public places health.

Global health can be described as broad umbrella that can cover diverse problems such as environment change, infectious disease episodes, childhood fatality in growing countries, access to contraception, and HIV/AIDS amongst others. The first step in tackling this immediate is to select a global health issue that you have several familiarity with. You will note that the prompt demands you to recommend a solution for the problem which you have chosen, so it is important that youselect a topic you have had some exposure to.

If you’ve recently worked on a huge research project at school or helped to execute summer exploration at a lab or perhaps university, work with that subject as your jumping off point. For example , say you composed a cultural science newspaper about illigal baby killing access inside the underprivileged parts of your metropolis. You could assess your local conclusions to international data about abortion gain access to and learn about the ways through which nongovernmental companies and government authorities enable or thwart entry to the market. Or, you could utilize your biology project regarding the distributed of Ebola to figure out what various nations around the world have done to contain major Ebola breakouts in recent years.

Whilst it helps to have gotten some prior experience learning a global medical condition, it is rarely ever a requirement. Channel your curiosity and seek out literature or documentaries about a matter that fascinates you and pull your motivation for this dissertation there.

The crucial thing to remember is that you will need to improve on your global health problem of preference before supplying your suggestions.Browse scientific and public coverage articles that have been written about your chosen subject matter and figure out which solutions are actually proposed. You aren’t by no means anticipated to reinvent the wheel or perhaps come up with an ingenious policy solution that will impact the global health community like a high school student. In fact , exhibiting that you’ve performed your research which you’re already familiar with the present literature about them matter will simply highlight your dedication towards the study of global health.

Understand that you only possess 300 terms to work with. Utilize first 100-150 to format the problem available, and be certain to explainwhy that matters, for what reason the world should care about that, and why you love it.Then, supply a brief advice on how this matter could be treated. Don’t list off 10 different ways to cure Ebola.Rather, focus on A SINGLE specific technique and give a few detail to explain how it can be adopted.Given the brevity of the response, interesting depth is always greater than breadth.

Case in point:

Through ballroom boogie, I have learned to see issues from a different sort of perspective. My spouse and i am better aware of communications, better able to read other people and better in putting me out there. I believe more confident now than ever before.

Remember that you merely have four hundred words just for this prompt. Though it is important to get detailed and descriptive, it is additionally necessary to stay within the expression limit. To become succinct when also using rich vocabulary, try cutting out unnecessary adjectives and opting for a more diverse word choice instead.

In Potatoes

If you had to choose one food to have for the rest of your daily life, what would it be?

Having had this question asked of me many a time, I understand that this kind of inquiry should be considered almost. The correct solution would keep me gladly sustained for the remainder of my years, whereas the incorrect choice can leave myself tormented till I die away from monotony. If I select macaroni and cheese, by itself, I’d end up being trapped consuming glutinous pasta, tacky milk-fat, yellow coloring No . five, and copious amounts of salt, forever. But since instead, I actually call upon my own contentment understandings and evaluate my alternatives accordingly, I might arrive at a great indefectible summary. And after very much deliberation, In my opinion that I have come to such a response: potatoes.

These types of tubers are the perfect nourishment due not only to their dietary qualities but , most notably, with their remarkable adaptability. Potatoes could possibly be prepared within a myriad of food.

Creamy mashed-potatoes come first to mind, with their fluffy hills of whipped-bliss gracing one’s tongue so delicately. The thought of gold tater-tots follows; deep-fried potatoes cooked perfectly so as to produce a slow meltdown when destroyed. Then are characteristic french-friesor steak, skin about or away. Baked-potatoes, latkes, hash-browns, gnocchirespectable meals. And 1 mustn’t ignore potato-chips when searching for alight munch.

Oh taters, how I take pleasure in you. And when asked what to eat solely for the rest of my life, I will with excitement respond potatoes! , intended for by finding one, I choose an abundance.

Into a casual onlooker, this query may appear inconsequential in the hypothetical mother nature, but as there is a saying; you are what you eat. My own inclination towards the assorted is not really contained to my meals habitsis a recurring motif throughout my entire life. I regularly switch via my mother’s house to my father’s. I’ve transferred twelve instances. I have a fifteen-year-old sister and a two-year-old brother. Now i’m a dog and a cat person.

This deviation tends to never leave myself with an aversion to commitment, yet a disposition towards variety. I are interested in a lot of things. So 1 must learn how I have fought, faced through my education with the problem, If you had to choose one be subject to study, 1 occupation to pursue, one thing to do, for the remainder of your life, what would it become?

I love to play viola; I get a rush connecting without-words to my quartet members in order to convey a music message. I actually am inside my happiest studying a good publication; their complex stories enthrall me and i also aspire to write a novel of my own. I want to make laws that improve my nation; all people should have a shot at the American desire. I was passionate about protecting the environment; reducing our impact on global-warming is of the utmost importance to me. I want to help these in need; people even now don’t have access to clean drinking water and I want to use my personal privilege to assist change that. I make an effort to become progressive in Spanish; traveling the earth is a imagine mine. Recently, I have discovered i really like to code; I’m certain in the coming years I will explore issues I don’t know I used to be interested in.

My spouse and i don’t have an answer to what exactly it truly is I want to perform for the rest of living. I love British and personal science, but I have yet to find this all-encompassing response as taters. What I have realized though, is that We don’t have to sacrifice all for starters. From each of my personal interests My spouse and i learn points that lead to who We am and shape the way i see the world. Eventually, I will focus my own path. So when I do come with an answer, Let me go forth with the expertise I’ve obtained from every of my varied passions; and I will not ever stop learning.

Admissions Committee Comments

Devon opens his essay with a story that is relatable to many: Struggling by using a difficult activity (rock rising in this instance) yet sense determined to complete. The author effectively expands using this one encounter to just how his learning style is promoting in the past few years. Through his composition, we get a sense of Devon’s expansion mindset and will envision him continuing to develop as a college student and person once on our campus.

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