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 If You Were a Millionaire Essay

In the event that you where a Millionaire

It is authentic that amazing things do occur in man's life. If I turn into a million¬aire by blessings of Almighty, my dreams can be true.

I have certain programs in my mind about the investment involving. As guy is selfish by nature dry I am also a manufactured of drag and bloodstream first of all Let me invest 50 % of my cash for the upliftment of my own friends and family. I will build a attractively decorated departmental store in some classy colony in the city. Let me make several investment in the share marketplace and other expense plans in the government. Because they will pro¬vide me purchase profits to get my future plans. A guy is said to be a social animal. He provides certain duties for the society. From this matter my own first goal will be of setting a leprosy home, which will be fully equipped with every one of the facilities required for the well being of the sufferers suffering from leprosy. My second and the most important priority is to construct the ideal home for retirement years and refused persons by their family members. Inside their old age they turn to be useless in the eyes of the people persons whom they carefully bred and raised. A free boarding and lodging will be presented to the clingy persons without any discrimination. My personal third and last goal will be in neuro-scientific education. Let me start some scholarships for the students who have are brilliant in education but shortage behind due to shortage of money. It is the humble obligation to provide them education. It will likewise help in the upliftment of the country. Let me also make an effort to make arrangements pertaining to night schools for the illiterate people that work in the morning to make their bread. Books, clones and other statio¬nery items will probably be provided at no cost in this programme of adult edu¬cation If perhaps these dreams of my life turn into true, I will feel satisfied.

It has been extremely rightly said that " In the event wishes were horses, beggars would ride". But it is wonderful to have wishes. Though they may not really come true, there is not any harm in dreaming. Though I...