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Honorable... Embarrassed... Respected... Many of these words may be used to describe David Proctor. In Arthur Miller's The Crucible John Proctor, one of the main heroes, is up against a variety of problems. The most intense test that he must deal with is to admit to a offense that in the end leads to his death. In the past he was researched to in the town of Salem, however , if a situation comes up, John Proctor must combat his mind. He is determined and examined to tell the truth even though it ruined his good popularity and contributed largely for the theme of a persons reputation throughout the play. This man truly created a unit for us to follow. In this play based on seventeenth century witch­hunts, John Proctor is encouraged by anger to speak out against Reverend Parris though no one otherwise does. Proctor dislikes and distrusts Reverend Parris. This is often seen the moment Proctor says, "[there is] no mild of goodness in that man” and " I will certainly not conceal it”(30). He is willing to admit that he will not like Parris and seems that he, " can not speak one minute without speaking of hell”(30), and thus does not include divine assistance. Proctor knows that Parris much more concerned about his own satisfaction rather than taking care of the well being of Salem. This is satrical because Parris was considered a man of God yet, he speaks of hell and his major concern is usually not the church. Steve Proctor seems that this individual has too much power and therefore is forced to protect that may be power at all costs. He is therefore frustrated having a church and the mob attitude in the city of Salem, Proctor feels obliged to say, " I actually say­I say­God is dead”(119). In a community that is known for its religious zeal, this kind of shows simply how much of an influence the hysteria had made in the town of Salem. Proctor felt that most the people that had recently claimed' " to be associates of the church”(93), including Reverend Parris are generally not living up to their spiritual status. This disturbs Proctor as they strives to be true to who he...