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MGT101 Case Study: Josh Matn

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Leadership is defined as " to be able to influence persons towards the achievement of organisational goals” (Samson & Daft, 2008). Yet , among all the ideas and writings regarding leadership, you will discover three different aspects that effect effective command; people, impact on and desired goals. In other words, management is ‘self-motivated' as it consists of the use of power to influence people to achieve goals and outcomes (Samson & Daft, 2008). Effective leaders are essentially a fine equilibrium between characteristics/traits, behaviors, causes of power, the application of power and aspects of the case (Vojya, 2010). However , in saying that, there are plenty of factors that contribute in attaining effective leadership (Ahmad, 2011). Many of these characteristics consist of; empathy, connection, respect, accountability, listening, attitude, integrity, and much more.

Sympathy is the understanding and identification of another's feelings, scenario and goals. An effective head should be able to accord with their affiliates in order to achieve a positive environment. Saunders does not have empathy and in turn respect pertaining to his fellow team members, in this he does not appreciate the operate that is made around him, including those of Martin. When Martin suggests the issue of boosts to Saunders, Saunders rejects the idea ranting, " Everyone wants a raise here. It's about time people started carrying out more job and ceased whining regarding money. ” This is also conveys negative interaction skills, while Saunders will not even make an effort to resolve or perhaps explain his decision to Martin. As opposed, Martin typically gets his work done through his " participative” management style, as well as earning the respect and appraisal by his many other team members, by listening and implementing the countless ideas that they can offer, " Josh listens to all of us and tries to implement a few of our suggestions to make existence simple around here”. Therefore , as seen from the several characteristics...

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