Kite Athlete Chapter 7 Essay

Kite Runner Part 7 Dissertation

In part seven in the Kite Jogger by Khaled Hosseini, someone is faced with a crucial instant in the book. This part presents a significant scene, wherever Hassan decides to be raped by Assef rather than handing him Amir's kite. Hosseini brings someone a critical second in chapter seven once Hassan turns into Amir's sacrifice for pleasure, and all aspects of the boys' childhoods alter forever. Part seven shows a significant advancement in the plan, a progress the main characters, and the physical appearance of many important emblems used in the story. As mentioned by the name, Kites enjoy a very emblematic role inside the novel and are also used by Hosseini as a device to explore various issues. The kite itself is used by the writer in chapter several as a aesthetic depiction with the spiritual voyage that Amir is going to ingest order to locate redemption inside himself. As well, the kite competition reinforces an issue that is certainly prevalent over the novel- which is the treatment of Hazaras in Afghanistan during the time the novel is set and also the suggestion that Amir and Hassan can never become true good friends because of their different positions can be society. Rather than having the same relationship, due to the discrimination that existed in Afghanistan resistant to the Hazaras, Amir and Hassan's friendship seems to have strong facets of a servant-master relationship. This is certainly proven by fact that Amir flies the kite inside the competition yearly and Hassan acts as his assistant. When ever Hassan commemorates Amir's victory, 'You won Amir Agha', Amir attempts to hide from the obvious reality he is the superior person in their relationship, 'We won! All of us won! ' By laying out their romance in this way, Hosseini is aiming to create a mixture of emotions within readers as they try to contemplate the reasons for Amir's decision later on in the part. The camaraderie of Amir and Hassan is a key theme in " The Kite Runner" and Hosseini uses it in part 7 to...

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