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I select to study the magazine Fascinacion of 12 , 2011. My spouse and i decide this for few reasons. To begin with, I take those handbag copy because My spouse and i read mag in bus or while i wait on the university typically, so it is far better to have the most convenient edition to hold with me all the time. I use to learn Glamour in France, and I like this journal because it talks about social difficulty and not just cosmetic makeup products or garments, even if I like reading articles about it. For example this one deals with the 55 best firms for women. It really is a big issue for us since we know the discrimination also to find the best work as we can easily do can be an essential component to question regarding future. Furthermore, I purchase this publication because it was obviously a nail polish in that, and all of that just for simply £2. Since it is written inside the media package, Glamour is " fashionable, award-winning editorial consistently displays our reader's interest in the world around her while encouraging her aspiration, yet available lifestyle. ” Founded in 1939, Enchantement made a success by being the First countrywide magazine to feature an African-American on the cover (Aug '68). The total blood circulation of the publication is now about 2, 3 millions persons, with 80% of subscribers. 80% from the readers will be between 18 and 49 years old, and 95% are woman. 63% of them are applied and most of the half is married with baby. This kind of analyzes demonstrates Glamour variations a wide range of people who have different age groups because it offers different subject for every generation. As I said ahead of, Glamour proposes several newspaper editions: the handbag copy and the much larger edition. The first one is very easy for people like me who only read publication in public transportation. If you approach not have newspaper, you can receive the digital model. To follow reality of the journal, you can carry on the internet in order to find different website for each country in which Fascinacion is sold ( the United states, britain, Germany, England, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Mexico, the Netherlands and Southern region Africa) or going on sociable network( Twitter and Facebook). Finally, you are able to just subscribe to the publication. Glamour is present on each mass media available with distinct contents. You can expect to naturally find a lot of advertisement on each media and the printing media is the main medium of advertising for the brands of cosmetics and perfume. These luxuries are present mainly in some magazines:  women's magazines.  This connection medium is very powerful among the feminine magazines as Glamour can be.



I actually. Advertising content4

a. Colors4

b. People in advertisement5

c. Sample5

d. Cardboard boxes pages5

2. Advertorial6

a. How does functions? 7

n. How does that affect buyer behavior? 7

c. The end of window blind faith7

3. Website7


I. Marketing content

Advertisements represents 141 pages about 344, about 40% from the magazine. The main products displayed are cologne, clothes, make-up and jewelry. As you open the magazine, you must see two double site of advertising and marketing for LancГґme and Chanel before arriving at begins in the summary. It truly is on the correct, in front of a great ad intended for Candy, the new perfume via Prada. At the time you turn once again to have the end of the synopsis, you find an additional double webpage of ad for clothing from Emporio Armani. Finally, you convert the web page again and you find the end just looking at an advertisement for Eileen Kors. From then on, again two double page of advertising for Dior and Suono che ricorda quello del flauto Gabbana. I write this all for showing that starts of the publication is made by a main a part of adverstisement. To back up my argument, I measured the number of advertisement in the twentieth first page: you have 17 pages of adverstisement. It can be huge however, not unpleasant to think about. In fact , all of these ads are made for women; that they play with distinct color and give different feelings. a. Shades

We can distinct a lot of advertisement with this magazine by panel of color...


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