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C2 Proficiency demonstrates vocabulary proficiency at Level C2 of the Common European Platform of Reference for ‘languages’ (CEFR) and it is designed to display that a powerful candidate offers mastered The english language to an outstanding level.

Learners use this diploma to study post-graduate courses, lead high-level research projects and academics seminars and communicate effectively at top managerial and board level in intercontinental business.

Employers, schools and government departments around the world agree to C2 Effectiveness as resistant that a successful candidate may study or work at the actual highest level of professional and academic life and as an indication of English vocabulary ability. Various higher education institutions accept C2 Proficiency intended for admission uses. This includes Educational institutions based in:

  • Australia (e. g. Aussie National University)
  • Canada (e. g. University of Toronto)
  • France (e. g. Ecole Nationale d’Administration)
  • Indonesia (e. g. Ludwig-Maximillians UniversitMKong (e. g. Town University of Hong Kong)
  • Italia (e. g. Universita Roma Tre)
  • Japan (e. g. College or university of Tokyo)
  • holland (e. g. Universiteit Utrecht)
  • Russian Federation (e. g. Plekhanov Russian University or college of Economics)
  • Italy (e. g. Universidad Carlos III para Madrid)
  • Switzerland (e. g. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich)
  • the uk (e. g. University of Cambridge)
  • the United States of America (e. g. Harvard University).

A full list of organisations can be accessed on the Cambridge Assessment English website.

C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency can be used to apply for degree courses (or higher) at almost all UK universities. This is because cand

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C2 Proficiency (previously known as the Qualification of Proficiency in English (CPE) and Cambr

The exam took 12 hours and price (approximately in 2012 prices ) and was open up only for applicants aged twenty or over. Test was divided into two portions: written and oral.

  1. Translation via English in French or German (2 hours)
  2. Translation from French or German into English, and questions upon English Grammar (2 hours)
  3. English Composition (2 hours)
  4. The english language Literature (3 hours)
  5. English Phonetics (1 hours)
  1. Dictation (hour)
  2. Reading and Conversation (hour).

In 1913, the English Article topics were very Anglocentric:

  1. The effect of personal movements upon nineteenth hundred years literature in the uk.
  2. British Pre-Raphaelitism
  3. Elizabethan travel around and discovery
  4. The Indian Mutiny
  5. The introduction of local self-government
  6. Matthew Arnold.

The initial exam in 1913 was taken by merely three cand > By 1929 it was at risk to being stopped and UCLES decided to present some becomes the exam.

By simply 1926 the size of the exam was reduced to 11 hours and the translation paper included Italian and Spanish alternatives. In 1930 a special literature paper pertaining to foreign college students was presented to the first time. The 1930 essay topics had been more standard and suitable for a variety of applicants:

  1. The topic that is most discussed in the country nowadays.
  2. Fascism
  3. The very best month back in
  4. Good companions
  5. Any English writer in the twentieth century.
  6. Will satire ever before effect its purpose, or do any great?

In 1932 the phonetics component of the exam was dropped as well as the target cand

Candidature started to rise, via 66 prospects in 1933 to 752 candidates in 1939. Furthermore, the University of Cambridge and College or university of Oxford began accepting the Qualification of Proficiency in British as the typical of British required of most students.

Another new syllabus for test was released in 1945, with literature and translation equally weighted. Further changes took place in 1953, when the entire exam was further reduced to being unfaithful hours and candidates can choose to take a of English’ conventional paper as an alternative to Use of English questions stay to this day, even though in a improved format.

Early 1960s saw the start of a move in the Cambridge language assessment methodology towards a parting of vocabulary testing from your testing of literary or cultural understanding. In 1966, a new syllabus was suggested which shown a new focus on language-based examination. The structure of the 1966 Certificate of Proficiency in English exam was the following:

Candidates must offer (a) English Language and two other papers chosen via (b), (c), or (d). No prospect may offer more than one of the alternatives in (b).

a. English Language (composition and a verse or pathways of The english language with vocabulary questions. The choice of subjects set for composition will include several for candidates who are specially considering commerce. ) (3 hours)

b. Both English Books or Research Texts or perhaps British Your life and Institutions or Survey of Industry and Business (3 hours)

c. Use of English (3 hours)

g. Translation from and into English (3 hours)

a. Dictation, Studying and Chat.

The exam ongoing to evolve, reflecting thinking and innovations in expansive language assessment and second language acquisition (SLA). By 75 it included separate listening and speaking tests, finally adopting a format familiar to modern-day candidates with papers in Reading, Utilization of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking/Interview. In 1984, examination time was reduced to less than 6 several hours half the amount of the first 1913 examination.

Revisions in 2002 extended to echo developments in communicative language assessment, as first ev

In 2013, C2 Skills celebrated their 100th wedding anniversary and another set of revisions were presented, which aimed at ensuring its continued appropriateness for degree study and career development purposes. The Use of English daily news was subsumed into the Browsing paper as well as the revised exam is now four hours in length.

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Using This IB Biology Examine Guide

This IB Biology Study Guideline is ordered using the IB Biology Syllabus. If there is a single topic you are looking at learning even more about, utilize Command + F function on your computer to find the article for this term. For instance , if you want for more information about Cell Theory, use Order + Farrenheit to bring up the search function. Type in Cell Theory and it will bring up all of the study components for Cellular Theory.

If you are searching for general quiz material for the whole IB Biology Test, you can miss to the end of the document to the Total Reviews section for great general study resources.

First, I will delve into assets by IB Biology Topic.Let me separate the time into:

  • Quick Reference:These guides mostly come from the site IB Guides. They’re short summaries from the information that often include definitions and layouts. NOTE: These guides have not been updated seeing that before the 2016 syllabus improvements, so be sure to keep your syllabus handy as you go through these people so you avoid go crazy trying to memorize info you don’t need to know.
  • For a longer time Notes:These for a longer time notes range from site BioNinja. They’re a more in-depth go through the material, and you may focus on the actual topic you have in mind by clicking on the issues listed on the side of the page.
  • Overview:The IBWorld site provides all the records for each topic on one web page. It’s specifically a good resource for people who desire to be able to simply read through a lot of notes devoid of clicking through different pages to get to different topics.
  • Slideshow:These are powerpoint-type presentations on the material.
  • Video:Demonstration video clips on how to solve problems relevant to the material. Offered from two different resources since not one covers all the IB Biology subject areas.


The ECPE is usually aimed at the C2 degree of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and is valid for the lifetime of the recipient. Vocabulary users with this proficiency level:

  • Can easily understand easily virtually everything heard or read.
  • Can summarize information by different voiced and created sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent business presentation.
  • May express [themselves] spontaneously, incredibly fluently and precisely, distinguishing finer gradation of meaning also in more sophisticated situations.

(Council of Europe, 2001: 24)

Revised ECCE & ECPE Coming in May well 2021

Updates will reveal feedback via test users, changes to the test-taker population, and fresh thinking in language evaluation. Learn more about the forthcoming revisions.

The Assessment for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) is a standard English being a foreign language (EFL) examination. It can be recognized in many countries while official evidence of advanced skills in the English language and is used for academic and professional purposes. The ECPE is accepted by simply some colleges as evidence of proficiency in English in the event the score have been received inside the past couple of years.

Scoring via January 2015

Via 2015, the Statement of Results plus the Certificate have following advice about the candidate’s functionality:

The candidate’s overall score is averaged from your individual ratings for each skill (Reading, Publishing, Listening and Speaking) and then for Use of The english language.

C2 Effectiveness is directed at CEFR Level C2, nevertheless also supplies reliable analysis at the level below C2 (Level C1). The following scores are used to record results:

The next scores prefer report outcomes:

Class Cambridge English Scale Rating (180Level
A 220Level C1 180among 162 and 179 can also be reported on the Statement of Results nevertheless candidates will not likely receive a license.

Scoring pre-January 2015

Pre-2015, the Statement of Results had the following data, reflecting the entire combined credit score from each of the papers:

  • A class (A, B, C, Level C1) pertaining to the overall test
  • A score (out of 100) for the general exam
  • A CEFR level intended for the overall test.
Quality Score (total mark away of 100) CEFR Level
A 80Level C1 45the Statement of Results had a Applicant Profile, which usually showed the candidate’s functionality on each individuals papers against the following range: exceptional, great, borderline and weak.

Pre-2015, candidates whom achieved a score of 45 or even more (out of 100) received a qualification.

How to prepare for the MAT

We strongly recommend that you acquaint yourself with the format from the MAT. Quality will be in the same formatting as it has been in 2007-18, even though note that the multiple choice questions used to have four likely answers instead of five. The test lasts 2hours. The mathematical knowledge and approaches required to do the questions happen to be taken from a syllabus around corresponding for the C1 and C2 modules from A-level maths, though the questions are set more variously than A-level concerns. If you’re uncertain what this covers, please look at the syllabus.

The first question within the test is definitely multiple decision and contains 15 parts every worth 4 marks. Markings are given only for the correct answers, nevertheless applicants are encouraged to show any kind of working in the area provided. Inquiries 2-7 are longer inquiries, each well worth 15 signifies, and candidates will need to show their working. Part marks are available for the longer inquiries. Candidates should certainly each make an effort 4 queries from 2-7, the selection depending on degree for which they are making use of. Details of accurately which queries you should attempt receive below, in the rubric around the front page of the ensure that you throughout the daily news.

  • Mathematics, Mathematics & Statistics, Mathematics & Beliefs applicants should attempt questions 1, 2, 3, four, and a few
  • Mathematics & Computer system Science candidates should look at questions you, 2, three or more, 5, and 6
  • Computer Scientific research, Computer Scientific research & Philosophy applicants should attempt questions 1, two, 5, 6th, and several

You should practice doing quality under examination conditions, since time supervision is an important skill. Before the evaluation you should be very acquainted with C1 and C2 material — a few students also find that looking at STEP will help them to put together (although the questions are quite different in style).

We all recommend taking a look at the following online learning resources to help expand your mathematical know-how:

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