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Compare how a central character types are shown in ‘checking out me history' by John Agard and ‘Ozymandias' by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The poems ‘Checking away me History and ‘Ozymandias' equally use a a comprehensive portfolio of various language and framework techniques to check out in great detail the central characters as well as their very own thoughts and feelings. The poem ‘Checking out me history' uses various structural techniques to present the main figure and to present his landscapes, which also explains his frustration regarding not having an individual identity. Contrary to this, the poem ‘Ozymandias' uses more linguistic features to describe the deteriorating decline of the figurine. In the poem ‘Checking away me history' the language found in the poem helps to produce a clear image to the viewers that displays the heroes frustration and aggressiveness by utilizing nonstandard The english language. For example , ‘Dem tell me' implies that regardless of much the smoothness is informed about British history, he will continue to rebel against British society to prove how proud he can about his own tradition and history by using phonetic spelling. This could help the visitors to empathize with his feelings and thoughts. The no – common English which is used throughout the poem also provides how the personality is addressing himself throughout the language he can using. The almost cynical tone he uses to show his lack of interest in United kingdom history shows that believes that black peoples' history should be taught just as well as different cultures. For this reason poem not being grammatically appropriate, the audience are assured that the main personality is disappointed with the method he continues to be taught through English education. The phonetic spelling displays us a rebellious area to the figure as he issues society to balance out chronicles of many cultures equally. However , In the poem ‘Ozymandias' the tone developed by Percy Bysshe Shelley connotes the idea of past events. It can produce the image that power is merely...