Mother and Children Article



The mother is definitely the one supreme asset of national existence; she is more important by far than the successful statesman, or business man, or artist, or scientist. Parenthood is a fulfilling and often hard job. A mother is a child's initially teacher and affects a child's real life few other folks can. Successful mothers can inspire their particular sons and daughters to love themselves and others, work hard, make healthy and balanced choices, serve causes higher than self, and achieve their dreams. Moms who shield, teach, and nurture youngsters with all their particular hearts enhance their families and help build a better future to get the planet.


A mother is a one who gives labor and birth. That is the biological mother although there is also the stepmother who is the better half of the dad after the fatality or divorce of the former. In general, natural mothers are good but there are some exceptions. Plus some people say that all of the stepmothers are bad, but is actually wrong, there are several good ones.

Roles of a mother

We have a difference among a stay-at-home mother and a working mother. A working mother works harder than a stay-at-home mother just because a working mother already works in her office but nonetheless has to the actual chores unless she has a maid. On the whole, mothers do the chores, for example: cooking, outfits washing, and many others … They may be nurses because of their family mainly because they take care of them. Also, they are friends and advisors because they can understand their children. Mothers work hard.

Qualities of your good mom

A mother will always be generally there for her children, even when they may be grown. A mother thinks about her kids long after they have « flown the nest ». A mother helps her kids dream even though they appear impossible. A mother enjoys her kids in a way they will never figure out until they have their own. A mother can defend her children against the world. A mother is going to take a topic, catch a hand grenade, step in front of train and...

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