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1 . Physical barriers

-- Relays

-- Insulation about wires

-- Metering tools.

2 . Administrative barriers

- Training

- Procedures/work procedures

- Drivers' licenses

You could work on your attitude -- you could think more positively. You still wouldn't arrive at the right place, but you may wouldn't proper care. Your attitude would be so positive, you'd be happy anywhere you were.

The point is, you'd probably still be dropped. The fundamental difficulty has nothing to do with your behavior or your frame of mind. It has anything to do with having a wrong map. If you have the proper map of Chicago, then simply diligence turns into important, so when you come across frustrating hurdles along the way, in that case attitude can make a real difference. But the initial and most significant requirement is definitely the accuracy from the map.

Every of us has many, many maps in our brain, which can be divided into two primary categories: roadmaps of the way things are, or realities, and maps from the way items should be, or values. All of us interpret every thing we encounter through these types of mental maps. We almost never question their accuracy; wish usually actually unaware that we have them. All of us simply assume that the way we come across things is a way they really are or the method they should be.

And our thinking and manners grow out of those assumptions. The way we see things is the source of how we think as well as the way we act.

Before going any further, We invite one to have an intellectual and mental experience. Have a few seconds and simply look at the photo on the subsequent page

Right now look at the picture below and carefully describe what you discover Do you view a woman? How old will you say the girl with? What does the lady look like? What is she putting on? In what sort of roles will you see her?

You probably would describe the woman in the second picture being about 25 years old -- very attractive, rather popular with a small nose and demure existence. If you were a single man you could take her out. If you were in selling, you might hire...