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Name: Josua Gregory Silaen

Student Quantity: 1006703452

Faculty & Class: Mathematics and natural Research

1 . Name of the content: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY

2 . Author(s): The Jakarta Post Weekender Magazine, July 2007 a few. I choose this content because I actually care about the health of this earth, especially about condition of climate change today; I want to understand much more, how the people have a big deal about this problem, search the best solution, and various view using this article, so that it can improve my understanding. 4. is actually about for what reason we must take responsibility. The primary problem is globe going to in worse condition, climate change which has a big effect to all occupants around the earth is not a part of natural cycle but it really is due to human, specifically industries. A lot of immoral thing that sector done will be fishing sector, the pretty much renewable source industry and non-renewable industry, because that they exploiting resource not love the future mainly because that comes first is a profit that will be manufactured. Some alternatives are given about this for example selective logging. a few. As one who has living on the globe, have a responsibility of leaving this planet in acceptable to the next generation that will inherit our environmental resources as well as our planetary liabilities. Industries that take nonrenewable which can source have a moral obligation to develop alternatives to replace the resources they are taking advantage of. 6. People's who has a major role within the earth must care and keep it and also our planetary liabilities. It should be a hard requirement to get for who was destroy and damage the earth, but not just the industries can easily do some action for this problem, but we are able to keep it with our way, though it just a little approach, but can be quite a big result for our planet.