My Favourite Locations Essay

My favourite place

There are many interesting places nowadays. Most of us is going to prefer gorgeous place because Coliseum in Italy or perhaps Taj Mahal in India as their favorite place yet I choose a tree house that I call up " Kassim's Palace”. It takes its named after the brand of my personal late grandfather. This place is very important to me since I have many memories with my grandfather at this place. The Kassim's Palace is situated in the trees behind my personal grandfather's house.

The Kassim's Palace was built by my beautiful grandfather once i was 6 years old. It was built by using wooden. The walls of the tree residence were decorated brown while the colour with the trunk. Once viewed from ground, the tree house looks like the branches with the tree. The roofs are created from zinc to prevent the rain to wet the homeowner. This forest house may accommodate one adult and one child.

Furthermore, this place has always been a fortress for me once my mother scolded me. I will conceal here until the anger subside my mom. Grandpa is a salt with the earth. He was the only individual who knows exactly where I was covering. When he discovered me, he will bring me personally home and asks myself to apologize to my mother. Sometimes I would sleeping in there and enjoy the sound of rain is better than like bullets on the roof in order to rains.

Besides, I like this kind of place because it is unique. It is not necessarily just the normal tree home but unconventional. There is a small-sized 14-inch television, a kitchen to cook, a fan that could be recharge and a single mattress in the tree house. Kassim's Palace is small nevertheless has the gear that is required by it is resident. One among best thing concerning this place can be I can rise up to the top of the tree easily with the help of stairs that built to go to the forest house. After i climb for the top of the tree, I can see the sunrise and sunset which can be so beautiful with the glowing rays. I actually am above the moon to see the sights that can calm the soul from there.

At present, the Kassim's Building was older and almost flattened. The roof features leaked and...

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