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John Armstrong

Doctor Glover

ENC 1101

12 February 2015

Don't get to excited

One of the most exciting and disappointing moments that I have got ever had was your night We went to a Celtics Field hockey game in Albany New York during the pre-season. I was so excited to get and couldn't wait maintain the area with the shouting fans plus some great hockey.

I had fashioned recently been paying special attention into a specific participant who just came back to the Celtics from heart surgery and was by far the best on the team. I was extremely excited to enjoy him return. He had superb talent with large lengthy arms and may jump through the roof. Jeff Green was a important piece towards the Celtics crew and they were very desperate to have him back on the ground.

As a relatives, we had consumed dinner and gotten in a vehicle to head to Albany which can be about a hundred and fifty miles away but I had formed made sure I brought a sharpie and my Shaun Green card with me at night. I started to become more frenzied as my father had to show me to settle down multiple times even as began to receive closer and closer to the arena.

When the big round and sparkling market came into sight I was heading berserk for I had not as yet seen my personal favorite player perform a game live with the Celtics. Everything was going superb and exactly to plan till we moved into the building and the game acquired already started. We were a half hour late and the game was already in the second quarter. I used to be so baffled because I had been sure that the schedule got said the game was at 8-10 thirty not eight.

Once we acquired up to each of our seats inside the upper deck row several seat several, eight, and nine there have been three intoxicated guys with yet another ale in their hand in our seats. We informed them i implore you to that they had been our seating but one of them told us, " Nope you must not discover how to read your own seats kid. ” And laughed with his friends. So we found 3 nosebleed car seats on the back wall that were open and decided to simply stay presently there. From then on the overall game was great the Boston celtics were carrying out...

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