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period classtab/spanIn the short article ldquoIn Reward of Marginsrdquo, Ian Frazier puts himself back to the location in time when he did actions just for the sake of doing them. Like a kid, Frazier traveled to the woods behind his house without a real sense of purpose. His absolute goal for the day or perhaps afternoon was just to explore, whatever that word may mean to him. Frazier and his close friends spent long periods of time in the woods simply disregarding thin ice cubes sheets, ldquothrowing rocks for a fresh mudflat to make craters, shooting frogs with slingshots, making capes, picking blackberries, digging in what we were in brief persuaded was an American indian burial moundrdquo (53). They werenrsquot doing anything crucial, but that was the point, to do some thing so insignificant but have this mean a lot. Frazier explains that the activities he do as a kid ldquowas a higher sort of unpurposerdquo (53), or perhaps in other words, little. I agree with Frazier about the important of marginality, since children particularly need to take a look at ideas for themselves and have several breathing room automatically. br as well as br as well as

course classtab/spanMarginal actions and places are important to kids, mainly because they allow them to try out tips or purposeless activities. For example, Annie Dillard wrote a brief essay called ldquoHitting Pay out Dirtrdquo in which she talks about receiving a microscopic lense as a...