Operation of Akshaya Patra Essay


In 06 2000, we all started our mid-day meal program in Bangalore by feeding 1500 kids in a few schools. During that time there was not any State manage school meal program in Karnataka. Within a handful of short weeks we had received hundreds of demands from instructors who indicated the serious need of such a scheme. In November twenty-eight, 2001 the Supreme Court of India passed an order which will mandated that: " Grilled mid-day food is to be offered in all the federal government and government-aided primary colleges in all the states. " Akshaya Patra was called into give tales to the Best Court to be able to implement the mandate. •By the time the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of faculty Health and Education) extended their support to this noble cause in the year 2003, Akshaya Patra was already reaching out to 23, 000 underprivileged kids through the support of our donors. •Now were reaching out to 1 ) 3 mil children everyday. •The home is at the heart of the work. With close to 1 . 3 million meals prepared everyday during India, the Akshaya Patra kitchens are highly mechanized and scalable. Frequently termed as Intelligently Engineered Dining rooms, they were built with a dedication to top quality and hygiene that guarantees the best possible food for the children. •Each one is uniquely tailored to meet the requirements of its location, so the meal provided by Akshaya Patra is suited to the regional personal preferences of the children. •There are two types of the kitchen: centralized and decentralized. •Currently, the Akshaya Patra Foundation has set up 18 centralized and 3 de-centralized kitchens throughout 9 states. •A centralized model is definitely one in which all the preparing food activities of the particular position are focused within one large home. •Each Akshaya Patra central kitchen can cook between 50 000 to a hundred and fifty 000 meals daily hence achieving financial systems of range. Cooking happens in mechanical, steam heated cauldrons custom built to reduce the cook...

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