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Executive Summary

Overall almost all of the respondents who had been part of study were satisfied with our products, services and quality of goods. There are just few people which may disliked Harrods but. Total everyone were happy, will come back to Harrods.

Background of the Firm

Harrods is a luxury shopping mall situated in Knightsbridge which can be one the richest aspects of London. Harrods was launched in 1834 simply by Charles Holly Harrod

Harrods income is about 635 Million pounds. There are 5000 employees who also work in Harrods.

Research Issue

All the people who took demand in the review were happy about the products and services. More than half of people think that Harrods uses high quality for the products. A lot of people need special discounts or less costly products via Harrods, because most of our products are costly, and not everyone is able to afford to search from Harrods.


Principal market research is definitely when a company carries out research first hand. Principal market research is more reliable than secondary study because you know that the information you may have gathered is accurate, whenever you have gathered it yourself, for example: Forms, Surveys, Interviews In second research, the organization uses details from other options that has been researched simply by somebody else, by way of example: Magazines, Websites, and Newspaper publishers. Mythology: I use use volumes research approach. Sample scale 10 is usually selected. Renault is tabulated and graphs are made. Examination is gives for the graphs. Analysis Methods

Advantages: it truly is good to listen to what people think about Harrods. It also warns Harrods if there are any disadvantages that will need to be fixed. Cons: sometimes that...

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