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Narrative/ Descriptive Essay

" Trip to Paradise”

As I observed out the window with the car, I can feel the the butterflies of excitement fluttering around during my stomach. I had fashioned always wanted to attend Florida; I wanted to see the marine and the light beaches. I heard several stories about how precisely fun and amazing Florida was. In a few hours, I would obtain out for me. My exhilaration was nearly too superb to handle the long car ride to my vacation spot.

I settled myself in watch the scenery as we started our journey. Eventually, the forest of Illinois turned into the beautiful kudzu pampre of Mississippi. The ivy-like vines crawled and covered almost everything privately of the road. There were large kudzu statues that were once just woods and electrical poles. Before I knew it, we were in Alabama. Whenever we hit the busy interstate in Mobile phone I knew we were getting close. Shortly after driving a car through the long dark canal, I could begin to see the water. Close to one of the links sat a classic battleship. The ship seemed old, however majestic soaking in the water. Right after that, we finally had been across the Florida state series.

The causeway we forced on was curved and tall enough for the sailboats under to pass under. As I seemed down, I can see a number of beautiful condo properties on the shore. They contrasted brightly together with the white sand around them, painted colours normally present in a field of crayons. I got in the look of all the extravagant high-rise condominiums and resorts, with a few seaside huts sprinkled in between. We arrived at each of our hotel, and i also quickly not loaded and unpacked my items. The beach was waiting for me.

I leaped outside to find one of the most fabulous sights I had ever viewed. The extended stretch of sand was pure white colored and shined in the sun as if it had glitters mixed in with it. It almost looked like snow. The fine sand was scorching my feet as I strolled down the beach to the water. I could hear it squeak slightly with every feet step. As I...