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 Pegaus Flight companies Essay

Principles of promoting (Section B)

Instructor: Dr Ziad Haddad

Cyril Abi Chahla (12070409)

Example 1: Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is actually a Turkish based low-cost flight company that adopted a customer driven web marketing strategy. A customer-driven marketing strategy targets fulfilling the customer's needs wants and demands in order to deliver excellent customer benefit and satisfaction, thus creating high buyer equity; a rise in customer value ultimately causes an increase in earnings, which is what any company would aim for. A purpose is basically a great inner point out of sense or a standard human require. A want is a converted need, just as, the person's need merged together with his social background life encounters giving birth to the importance. The demand is the stage in which the buying arises, when buying electric power meets the want. Put simply, Pegasus Air carriers needs to understand its customer's needs and wants to be able to translate them into demand and thus in profit. Pegasus airline features covered a number of demands - physiological (hunger, sleep, thirst …), safety and self-actualization- remarkably by providing extra services or perhaps facilities produce the customer's life much easier. The services provided/facilities allotted can be included in the basic selling price of the cost or soon add up to a little extra, either way they amount to a way of raising the product/service's value. Pegasus Airlines maintains a relatively very good standard of comfort whilst focusing on conference the passenger's expectations and priorities while maintaining an excellent charges, making it attracting the every day man. The web link between the customer/passenger and the aircarrier doesn't break at the completion of the current transaction. Pegasus Airlines targets gaining new customers and on retaining the current ones which provides a given (since it's their very own aim) with the current online marketing strategy giving them their very own competitive benefits and which makes them as effective as they are. And they'll...