Essay on Personal Declaration of Goal


I've always had an interest in focusing on how things job since I had been a boy. I usually find it thrilling whenever my dad calls in a technician to run repair work in our house mainly because I generally join to look at things. Through the years in school, I developed a great interest in standard sciences and mathematics because I used to be amazed by the role science and mathematics played out in helping mankind lead a better life. Through the advancements in Science, there is all round improvement in quality lifestyle and development to the world. By the end of secondary institution, I began to my mind as to what would be my personal next step. Based on my potentials, I was certain I would excel in a technological course as I have always loved Maths and Physics. Additionally , my father, that is a Nigerian civil conflict veteran, accustomed to tell me stories of my own ethnic group exploit in science and technology through the war. Each one of these inspired me personally to believe in myself and aspire to produce impact in engineering. Among the list of wide range of engineering courses readily available the one I considered to be one of the most interesting and related to my own field interesting is Electric powered and Consumer electronics Engineering. After my graduating from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, where I received Bachelor‘s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I have been engaged by a government-funded electronics study institute since an professional. In my part as a analysis engineer, I actually am involved with research and development of solar software based goods. I have been associated with design of photo voltaic inverter, photo voltaic street lumination, solar demand controller, solar traffic mild and other similar products. Throughout the institution exactly where I work, we have performed a number of sun related assignments for several clientele in Nigeria using our designs. As being a young professional, my desire for great successes motivates myself to seek pertaining to high requirements in the area of Renewable Energy to increase and combine on my specialist skills....

Identifying Main Values Favorable to the Building of a Great School Traditions Essay